Sunday , January 29 2023

Turkey | Besiktas rejected West Ham United's first offer from Garry Medell


The team led by Manuel Pellegrini offered $ 8 million for the passage of captain La Roja, but the answer was negative.

It started as a rumor, but little by little it gained strength. West Ham United, a team led by Manuel Pellegrini, is interested in Gary Medell, but for now there is no agreement.

According to Turkish newspaper Milliiet, "martillerosi" offered about $ 8 million for the passage of Captain Roja, something that was completely rejected by the Istanbul acting team.

"Medel is an important player for us, we do not want to sell it and the coach wants to stay, and under the proposed conditions, we can not let him leave." was the answer of the Turks, according to the Eurasian environment.

In England, yes, they say "Pitbull" is a priority for Pellegrini, so in the coming hours there will be a new offer.

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