Sunday , July 25 2021

Twitter cleared the suspicious accounts that were blocked

Over the past months, Twitter has promoted a campaign to remove as many wrong bills as possible or report some sort of irregular platform activity. What has been translated into reducing the number of followers for some users.

However, now the platform has discovered that the error has canceled its work and reactivated the accounts that the company blocked.

As reported by Reuters, Twitter said on Friday that it was "He discovered an error in which some of these orders were repeated briefly, which led to a deceptive number of followers."But the company shows that this has affected "A very small number of accounts."

It seems that one of these "few accounts" was businessman Elon Musk, who said a few days ago that the number of his followers dropped significantly.

"I think Twitter removes false accounts, fraud or even inactive accounts," wrote Musk. "My followers have been reduced by 20,000 in the past few days."

Although re-activated accounts have already disappeared from the number of followers, the Social Puncher, a company specializing in advertising fraud, estimates that during the period when this bug was operated by some popular users They had to conquer a third of the supporters who had previously lost.

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