Saturday , April 1 2023

UDI will request that Gabrijel Boric be handed over to the Ethics Commission and that the highest sanctions apply


While several statements were made during the day by UDI and National Renewal, from the party led by Senator Jackuel Van Risselberg, a statement was put in which they placed a greater emphasis on their position at the meeting of the Autonomous Movement MP Gabriel Boric with Rikard Palma Salamanca.

In the report, it was "unacceptable that a Republican MP met secretly with the senator's terrorist killer, a criminal court convicted by the Chilean justice system, and who is a fugitive in the midst of the extradition process."

"It's time to talk enough about this double discourse of a part of the left, which defends the human rights of those who are part of its sector, but who protect terrorists who are related to their ideology," adds the words of Deputy Juan Antonio Colom, who so criticized the deputy.

In these words, the president and UDI senator Jacqueline Van Riesberger expressed deep discomfort that prompted information published in the press this morning, stating that Fr. Amplio's deputy Gabriel Boric in Paris with Riccardo Palma Salamanca, the author the authentic murder of Jaime Guzman, who was convicted of the crime and who was a refugee from Chilean justice since 1996.

Van Risselberghe added that "it is inconceivable that, while the State of Chile is making all efforts to return this dangerous terrorist, a deputy who is part of one of the powers of the Chilean State meets secretly with Palma Salamanca, keeping this information hidden, in clear support of the assassination attempt of UDI founder to continue to avoid justice and to remain unpunished, as he has been working for two decades with the support of the international left. "

"As a party we will ask MP Gabrijel Boric to be transferred to the Ethics Committee and to apply the highest sanctions. We will also evaluate what other actions should be taken, because there is not only a serious lack of ethics here, but it is a serious fact that is contrary to the interests Chile, "he said.

"If that was the other way around, and someone on the right side did what Boric did in Paris, today he will face all the anger of the left and human rights groups. We want to see a coherent response from those sectors, condemning Frente Ampli for a meeting with a terrorist, as they claim to defend human rights as a principle, "concluded Jackuel Risselberg.

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