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Unprofiled chariot "Chino" Rios to Cristian Sanchez in a full interview with Glamoram


Author: Carlos Zuniga / December 20, 2018

Interviewing Marcelo "Chino" Rios always brings surprises. And Cristian Sanchez had to endure the rigors of the humor of the former first tennis player in an interview he was working on before his exposure against Nicolas Lapentti.

This Thursday, on a very good morning, they showed an interview. "Chino" immediately began to joke Sanchez. Reason? A caption from an animator, published on LUN this week, where Cristian said he was a friend of her ex-husband Diana Bolocco.

This caused that in the first minutes of the Rios troubled conversation without filter Sanchez for his friendship with Dian's ex:

Cristian Sanchez: "We started this new show, Shov Cris …"

Marcelo "Chino" Rivers: "" Cris "… We came out like a little hole …"

"Cris is like a woman in the United States"

Sanchez: "Do not stay in it. We do not comment on"

Reka: "Ah, come on," Cris shov "… That'll be me"

"I did not see you long. I saw you on the front page … Do I have friends or have friends?"

Sanchez: "Why? I Have Many Friends"

Reka: "But how am I a friend, your lover's former husband? What kind of wave is this? Besides, we're friends, we're going to eat." I put "Cris" there, tufted in. He missed kissing only "

Sanchez: "But, forgive …"

Reka: "Is it Scott or not?"

Sanchez: "Not"

Reka: "Get out. So, it's my litter to lead you"

Sanchez: "I just started"

Reka: "Starting a connection? How am I a friend of the former?"

Sanchez: "But why not?"

Reka: "But the case as the best friend …"

Sanchez: "Here you go …"

Reka: "Having millions of Veons, I'm just a friend …"

Sanchez: "And did not that happen to you?"

Reka: "Tai veon. How will I be friends with my ex-wife?"

Sanchez: "Impossible. You do not fit"

Reka: "So what a hook. Did you get married earlier?"

Sanchez: "Yes"

Reka: "And can she (Diana) be friends with your ex-lady?"

Sanchez: "I do not know"

Reka: "But would you mind?"

Sanchez: "Mmm … No, I think"

Reka: "Would you like it?"

Sanchez: "I do not know"

Reka: "Then, tell me …"

Sanchez: "Now, no, no."

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