Monday , February 6 2023

“Unrecognizable”: Tom Cruise goes viral after an alleged radical change in his face TV and show


Was it old age or was it an aesthetic intervention? Many doubts were caused on social networks by the appearance of a renowned actor Tom Cruise, who was seen enjoying a baseball game with his son last weekend.

Users were shocked to see that the actor looks very different from his last posts on Instagram, because it seemed to him that his face was more “Swollen”.

Cruise, already with 59 years old, appeared last Saturday at the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants game with his son Connor, 26 years old. In a few minutes, the cameras recorded his reaction as he smiled and waved to the fans in the stadium.

It was there when internet users noticed the face of the protagonist “Mission Impossible” since according to some users it seems that a “plastic surgery”.

Journalist from ABC7,, Chris Alvarez, shared a short video on Twitter showing the actor its alleged change in appearance.

tom cruise
Tom Cruise Twitter / @LeBatardShow | Twitter

Comments like “What’s done?” ABOUT. “That’s not Tom I know.” and others, were most replicated in the original Twitter post.

“Tom did something with his face or gained a little weight. But that is our Tom “, pointed out one user.

On the other hand, the user commented “This is the first video I’ve seen about him that looks a bit old.” The other reminded him, “Well, he’s already 59. What did you expect? I hope I get to these years like this.”

Despite the viral reaction of users, neither the actor nor his communication team addressed the issue. His Instagram account only shares content related to the productions in which he has worked.

The situation is repeated on his Twitter account because Cruise has not updated its wall since May 20 last year.

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