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Van Risselberghe in the case of Asipes: "I just want to clarify as soon as possible"


The Senator and President of UDI, Jackuel Van Risselberg, he called for his quotation imputed would be bribes and tax scams on the edge Association of Fisheries Industry (Asipes) case Corpesca.

The parliamentarian is invited for the next March 29th, the date he said – he does not agree to it, so he will ask him to modify it, although he confirmed that he intends to make his statement.

According to the senator, who was investigated for his connections with Asipim, and not with the Fisheries Act, "I was not a parliamentarian when the Fisheries Act was processed, so I can hardly have anything to do with that. "

"The Prosecutor has received an appeal, he must investigate, I think it's a good thing to investigate and we are ready for cooperation and that's what I did, "he said.

Asked whether he would exercise his right to remain silent, the parliamentarian said that "no, What I want is to hope that this will be clarified as soon as possible"

Sen. Van Risselberghe was a deputy and was head of the Senate Fisheries Committee, when he received an email from his friend, the then director of the Asipa, Luis Felipe Moncada, who gave him instructions on how to process the law that used the craft fishing sector.

In one of the messages, the senator wrote it "obviously included indications that mattered to us, do you consider it necessary to present and the indications you sent to me?"

In addition, the former consultant with which he faces a claim for theft ensures this he himself transferred money to pay the senator.

RN: Prosecutors are very wrong and many times

In the meantime, the current deputy is quoted as well Frank Sauerbaum (RN), who was not a parliamentarian when he introduced Moncad to the National Reconstruction Benefiters, but sent a mail with the then head of the fishing industry who had transferred money through his brother's company.

Moncada told Sauerbaum that "It is charged for changing the carpet in the next we will change the sky and take pictures, "according to one of the e-mails.

In this regard, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mario Desbordes, he warned that giving the person as an accused does not even imply the assumption of responsibility, not even. Formalization does not even mean that it is founded; it is only information that the person who is being surveyed is published and hence, although there is nothing concrete the party has nothing to do"

"Prosecutors are making huge efforts to recover, They are very wrong several timeshe asked.

From Asipa, where Felipe Moncada no longer participates, they did not want to comment on a quote attributed to the Chilean parliamentarians.

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