Friday , May 7 2021

Vedeton will be replaced by a segment that spreads with humor

Only a few days after Teleton started to announce that one of the most anticipated sections will not fit into the television space.

During this year, Teleton will not count on Vedeton, because the discovery goes against the current time when there is a strong social fight against the machismo and the reactivation of women. For years, this was one of the most interesting areas on the day of solidarity, where women's discovery, sensuality and where most participants remain without clothes.

Eduardo Fuentes says that "parts react to the sensitivity of the moment, today is quite clear when it meets certain requirements where Vedeton got out of the way."

Don Francisko also mentioned Telethon's changes "we have to adapt to the types of music, the content that people prefer, which people refuse, remember that there has been a change in the past between men and women, they had to adjust the night and the programs."

This space will be replaced by a diverse presentation of famous singers and the imitation of famous personalities that will be imitated by a recognizable singer. A humorous comedy with Felipe Avello, Pamela Leiva and Ernesto Belloni will also be featured.

All details about the segment that will replace Vedeton in the next note.

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