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VhatsApp messages from Mauricio Pinilla with Colon de Santa Fe reveal – National Football

© Photosport VhatsApp messages from Mauricio Pinilla from Colon de Santa Fe reveal

The Vice President of the Trans-Andean Club announced a conversation with an attacker on his trip to Argentina. TVN


In the context of a judicial conflict between Blue Blue i Mauricio Pinilla, vice president Columbus of Santa Fe, Horacio Darras, he discovered the conversation Vhatsapp with the attacker who then played University of Chile.

In a dialogue published on the website of the judiciary, details of the Pinilla journey will be made in Argentina to join Columbus, where even a player clarifies the representatives of the Trans-Andes Club that will travel with the family.

Darras explained the details to the audience latest news, that on Sunday, July 29, "they acted as a sign of an agreement between representatives of Pinilla, a friend of players, President Colon and other representatives of the Argentine team."

Here is part of the conversation Pinilla and Darras, vice-president of the Colon:

Saturday July 28th

-Darras: Mauricio, what are you going to do tomorrow, where and with whom? you know?

-Pinila: I do not know yet. My lawyer has considered this passage, but he should arrive at 16:00 in Rosario.

-Darras: When you know, tell me I'm looking for you. Only?

-Pinila: With my wife.
Now you should tell me

(Then they agree on a trip to Santa Fe and the possible stopping of Mendoza)

-Pinila: In the end we'll be four. My eldest daughter and another person follow my wife.

-Darras: So, I book two rooms ??? Or tell me.

-Pinila: Yes, two are fine. thank you

-Darras: Okay

Sunday, July 29th

-Darras: Hi, Mauricio! You can take care of me !!!

-Pinilla: Horacio, give me 10 minutes and I'll call you.

-Darras: Thank you, you do not stop calling me or I'll call you!

From there, there was no longer any response to the details of publication Latest news.

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