Friday , May 7 2021

VhatsApp update may take into account the safety of its users

Information about the following has been missed recently VhatsApp update, which will change how to display a notification when the phone is locked.

According to the portal VABetainfo, a website specializing in filtering news, updates, and changes to the popular instant messaging application will offer notifications with pop-up windows and reviews with the aim of simplifying its functions in search of a more practical one.

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This newspaper can generate several problems for users because Text messages will be displayed in the popup window i videos will have a preview (playback without sound), although the equipment is blocked

This fact can expose users who want to protect their privacy, as it is videos could be watched by a third person if necessary, to unlock the phone.

According to VABetaInfo, a well-known application is considering watching video clips in notifications for any device that has version installed

VhatsApp I would also planuturas updates the ability to remove these views at terminals where the application is installed.

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It needs to be highlighted in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the video has already circled people who, although not using beta, You can already view videos. It does not show everything, but it's enough to know what it's all about.

The update can expose those who practice "secting & # 39;, which consists of sending and receiving erotic messages, photos and videos.

According to research NGO National Campaign, with 850 young people, 54% of them admitted to send and receive sex material via VhatsApp.

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51% of women, who were part of this research, They claimed that this type of sexual material was sent under the pressure of their partners and only 32% said they felt sexy when sharing multimedia content. In conclusion, 36% know that it is common for photographs or videos that the receiver shares to other contacts.

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