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VVE: Stephanie McMahon mentions AEV as its only direct competition

Nicolas Lafferriere – Posted on 05/19/2015 at 23:43

Since the creation of All Elite Vrestling (AEV), many followers and specialized printers have speculated the possible competition that this new company could mean for VVE. In the past few months, Vince McMahon has avoided mentioning a word on the issue, but all indicate that they have decided to stop silence on the subject.

According to what he mentioned Dave Meltzer in the latest edition Vrestling Observer Nevsletter, the leader of the brand VVE Stephanie McMahon would mention All Elite Vrestling as her only direct competition. It would have happened during a meeting that she held with the superstar of her company, a few hours after the money was paid in the bank.

"This morning a talent meeting was held under the leadership of Stephanie McMahon," says Meltzer. "It was mostly the same speech as always, but the most important thing is that they directly mentioned AEV as their competition." This aspect is interesting because it signifies the first time VVE publicly refers to another company as a direct competitor. This even occurred during Monday night's wars when they refused to mention VCV as their competition despite the multiple attacks that had taken place between the two companies.

During the meeting, Stephanie also mentioned the presence of VVE in social networks, as well as in other media such as video games or movies. "They (the McMahon family) gave VVE a huge incentive as a brand," says Meltzer. "They boast of their statistics on networks under the idea of ​​having a billion followers, which is true only if they combine those from every social network associated with the company, including those of their superstars." companies of video games, streaming or movies at the same time as with AEV. "

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