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War of Varcraft: The Battle of Azeroth


Warcraft of Varcraft: The Battle of Azeroth held last month with the arrival patch 8.1, Tides of Vengeance, an enormous update that included a new war front, island expeditions, chains, etc., although Blizzard has already warned that it will not be until today when it will receive the other news.

Therefore, all users of the popular MMORPG can now update the game to gain access The Battle of Dazar, the new raid current expansion. In it, the soldiers of the Alliance, accompanied by Jain Valiente, will go to the heart of the kingdom of Zandalari in Zuldazar ready to completely interrupt the union between the Trolls and the Horde.

Vorld of Varcraft Revenge Tides 06

What will make this new attack special is that it will be presented two completely different points of view. So, we can play from the perspective of the Alliance or the Horde, so if we choose the opposite faction for ours, it will turn into another race with its respective racial faculties.

We will all have to face it ten final bosses, among which there will be three exclusions for each faction. Meetings where you will have to face the symbolic leaders of the Alliance and the Horde, such as McCatorkue, Jaina, or King Rastakhan. At this moment the dungeon it is only available in normal and heroic difficulties.

War of Revenge Tides 03

Later January 30th, Dazar 's allor will be able to access Batalli in his mythical difficulty, at the same time when the first wing will open in the search for the band. The February 13th it is possible to access his other wing and finally, February 27, you can select the third and last wing in the search for the band. To get things worse, you can get it new frames and pets:

  • MGOD mount: A mild death created by Gallivik, available at all levels of weight by defeating the older McKatorkue Manita.
  • Mount Tidal Ice Stormelemental of water and ice, available in mythical difficulties when Jaina Valiente wins.
  • Kindred of Pa: a winged creature, available in normal difficulties and further, defeating the Conclave of the chosen one.
  • Truenagarto mascot: the type of electric lizard, which in normal circumstances is available from now until the defeat of the Conclave selected.
  • Mascot Krag & # 39; Engrendro: a Crusader descendant of the crag, available in mythical difficulties when he defeated the Conclave of the chosen ones.

New objects, missions and more changes

In addition to the aforementioned attack, they will be introduced new chapters this will enable you to know in detail how the Battle of Dazar begins and how each faction faces these events.

The azerite armor You will also get an important novelty because it will add a new ring, which will allow you to get a passive bonus for your character or your abilities. The compositions that will have this feature will be all of epic quality and have a minimum of 370 degrees.

War of Revenge Tides 04

In order to facilitate the updating of the equipment, all the dungeons will now contain rewards with superior level of facilities in all their difficulties, have to resort to mythical dungeons in order to get the parts 370. However, heroic and mythical difficulties increased by 30%, so it will not be an easy task.

All of these changes coincide with the beginning second season of PvP, as well as mythical stone journal. In this latter case, he emphasizes that the stone corner with a very high level will have the presence of the Bonsamamdi, the looser of death, who will try to complicate things by occasionally resurrecting enemies who are defeated.

Otherwise, the patch has increased maximum team level at 425, wars for war at sea are now better, there will be new world missions, achievements and many other new features that can be more carefully consulted in the patch notes click here.

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