Friday , August 19 2022

What are the consequences of contact with the procession tracked?


Contact with a procession tracked can cause skin problems, advised dermatologist Vithas International from Madrid, dr. Maite Truchuelo.

"They have in their bodies." Urgent hairs, called trichomas, capable of challenging irritation of the skin and mucous membranes and skin lesions, direct contact and air because the hair can be scattered and float around " explained Dr. Truchuelo.

The person exposed to the tracks of the caterpillar will develop A few minutes or, most of all, after an hour. "It consists of the appearance of extreme pruritic lesions, with a feeling burns, burns, rises and reddish in the detected areas, mainly in the neck and forearms ", according to experts.

They usually do not last longer than 24 hours, but in some cases the patient develops an irritable eczema that can last for several days.


In case of contact with the processor tracked, it is advisable to wash the area with water and apply cold, which, according to experts, "It will work as anti-inflammatory and calm the itch."

Before the appearance of skin lesions, it is convenient visit dermatology specialists who can evaluate the evolution of them. "We can regulate drugs that are applied locally, such as topical corticosteroids and oral administration of drugs such as antihistamines, which act by blocking histamine, a molecule that is released by contacting the caterpillar hair and is responsible for itching." explained Dr. Truchuelo.

Too "You can take it Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs which directly block release of prostaglandins, substances that are also released in contact with the hair of the procession cord and involved in itching and inflammation. " The only way to prevent this type of injury is to try to avoid exposure and, as the expert pointed out, "In the case of walking in wooded areas, especially pine forests, we recommend wear long sleeves and cover the neck. "

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