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What are the controversial spatial white holes of which "you can escape, but you can not return"


It sounds mystical, but in reality it's a good way to figure out the relationship between the famous black holes and their brothers less familiar, white holes.

From black holes we have news almost daily and there is evidence of how they are formed and how they behave. However, there is little talk about the twins who obviously follow them and who act the same as they … but inside the opposite direction.

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"The black hole is where you can enter, but you can never get out," says physicist Sean Carroll of the California Institute of Technology in an article on the portal Nova. "A white hole is where you can get out, but on which You can never go back"

The white holes are the exact amount of black holes. Instead of swallowing everything that comes close to it, it's permanent expulsion and rejects a thing that reaches its limits.


White holes help us understand the mystery of the universe

So, it's easy to understand what are the white holes, but they only have one small problem: We do not know if they exist outside the board of mathematicians.

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That's why they are controversial: can there be something to go? against laws of physics?

Two sides of the same coin

For now, white holes only exist calculations physicists and astronomers, as sometimes black holes.

"White holes are theoretical models complement to black holes, "says BBC Mundo physicist Edward Larranaga, a professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Columbia.

"When you perform the mathematical operations of the equation he has raised Einstein it results in a white hole, "explains Larranaga," but we still do not know the physical process that leads to the creation of a white hole ".

Albert Einstein

Einstein equations result in white holes

Checking the existence of a white hole would mean checking the phenomena which for now seem impossible, such as negative gravity which causes things to go up, or suspend it or vice versa.

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But the fact that it seems impossible does not mean that they are scientists discard all of existence.

"The reason for the doubt that there are white holes are those they could solve the mystery: what's happening in the center of the black hole, "he wrote recently on the portal Nev Scientist physicist Marco Rovelli of the Center for Theoretical Physics in Marseille, France.

"We see large quantities of matter that spiral around black holes and then descend. All this matter crosses the surface of the hole, the" horizon, "or point without return, it falls and then? Nobody knows. "


For now, white holes exist only in mathematical calculations

This enigma is the key to some theorists to claim that the bottom of the black hole can be associated with a white hole "Wormhole".

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"You can theoretically enter the black hole, go through the wormhole and get out through the white hole," explains Larranaga. "But the physical conditions there are so extreme, gravity is so strong that it will end broken before the wormhole passes. "

According to experts, white holes may be the same black holes, but in the future, or be the source of the so-called "dark energy", what makes the universe expand, but in general, these mysterious mathematical volcanoes for now expel more questions than answers.

No one has seen them until now, but, as Rovelli writes, "it can be heaven full white holes ".

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