Thursday , August 11 2022

What is a lymphedema? A rare disorder that has suffered Florencia Kirchner – Mundo – Latest news from Uruguay and the world updated


The lymphedema or lymphatic edema, that's a diagnosis Florencia Kirchner who would receive last August, as his defense counsel told Justice, is Rare disorder in medical practice.

It is an inflammation that occurs in the arms or legs due to obstruction in the blood vessels that form the lymphatic system., which helps the immune system.

This vascular complication occurs when the lymph, a clear protein rich in protein, does not drain and accumulate in the tissues.. "The lymphatic system is a system that takes place parallel to the blood vessels (veins and arteries) and the function is to collect excess fluid from the tissue, the system drains excess fluid and ends in the venous system, large veins on the neck," said Marcelo Nahin, a cardiovascular a surgeon at the British Hospital in Buenos Aires.

When vessels are blocked, lymphedema appears. The causes of this obstruction, as detailed in the specialist, can be infection, surgical removal of axillary lymph nodes, for example in the treatment of breast cancer or radiotherapy. Also, a patient can be born with several lymph vessels, although Nahin pointed out that in these cases "it was proven early". In all cases, it is a complication that will require constant care.

The treatment involves the use of compression curves, lymph drainage by a professional or trained person, and skin care.

Heat, stress, and air travel that do not allow you to keep your legs stretched and stretched, as can be done when traveling the business or first, they can aggravate this condition. In the event that it is a journey of several hours, it is recommended to be with rocks.

When it comes to lower extremities, "patients are instructed to avoid the standing position as much as possible, and when they need to walk, they should do this with a compression bandage to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the affected extremity." Nahin added.

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