Saturday , February 4 2023

Why do women live longer than men? Geneticists discover it United States Life


Scientists from the Califiornia University, she discovered the reason why she could explain the mystery why women and women (in animal species) live longer than men.

Group of scientists from the University of California, announced an important discovery that could explain the mysterious reason why women They live longer than men, a trend that, according to experts, is not exclusive to people and also occurs in most species animals

According to researchers, the cause of this phenomenon can be an important role that another K chromosome is present in a female mammal, because it contains a lot of genes related to the brain and is essential for survival: without at least one Ks, animals can not live.

Contrary to Ks chromosome, I, present only in men, is not necessary for survival and contains very few genes, except for those that produce secondary sexual characteristics, such as male genitalia and facial hair, experts say.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers modified chromosomal combinations in mice. They made two laboratory combinations (different from those in the nature): males with KSKS chromosomes with testicles and women with KSI chromosomes with ovaries

After the experiment, they found that mice who had two X chromosomes lived longer than those with one X chromosome and one and chromosome.

"Those who had a combination of KSKS escaped premature death. For a longer lifetime, mice had to have ovaries and KSKS chromosomes … But in terms of a life of normal life, it did not matter if they had ovaries or testicles. KSKS has avoided premature death during aging, "explains Irina Lobah, one of the co-authors of the study.

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