Friday , January 27 2023

With a doll untouched: Rios has imposed his talent to defeat the Lapentti at the glamorous exhibition Sport


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Leonardo Rubilar | UNO Agencies

Like in his best times. Marcelo Rios He played an attractive match in his return to tennis for his exhibition duel against Ecuadorian Nicolas Lapentti.

Chino, who showed that his wrist was intact and full of magic, he won the match that was supposed to be defined in the supertiebreak & # 39; third set.

The suit began better for the Chilean, who could take the first sleeve from 6 to 4 with several errors and one break.

The second part continued in pairs, although Lapentti raised the level and showed why he became the sixth in the world on ATP. After interrupting once, the visit remained with another partial number from 7 to 5.

So everything is defined in the third. The tension and excitement ruled at Granicas Monticello for a few minutes, but then gave way to the celebrations of domestic fans. This is because Rios managed to win from 11 to 9 and win.

It should be noted that the lawsuit was marked by both the relaxed spirit of the participants and the recognition by Nicolas Mass and Patricio Cornejo.

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