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Your soda dependence can cause Alzheimer's disease

MEXICO. – The drink beverage is the dependence of many, because they know it well and are taken with any food, however, a researcher from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) warns of their consumption ratio with conditions ranging from obesity and diabetes, kidney stones, asthma, decalcification, and even Alzheimer's disease.

After nearly 133 years of appearance, the car not only lost its original syrup function to alleviate digestion problems, but also its formula, because it ceased to contain endemic plants from Peru and Africa (which were banned from infection). to contain more hazardous chemicals than the original, says Laura Moreno Altamirano, a researcher at the Department of Public Health at the UNAM Medical School, according to the Nevs Ecelsior portal.

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Refresco Alzheimer investigator UNAM

According to the academician, these are his effects on your body:

  1. Bone demineralization. It is caused by phosphoric acid, which is responsible for neutralizing sweet taste, otherwise it would be impossible to drink because of the high sugar content. The problem is that this substance is harmful because it does not allow good calcium absorption, weak bones, reduces its density and promotes fissures and fractures. In fact, this element is also responsible for wearing dental enamel and cavity.
  2. They hardly absorb iron. This effect is the result of the combination of phosphoric acid and sugar. Its danger lies in the possibility of developing anemia or readiness to infect infections, especially in children, elderly and pregnant women.
  3. Take insulin levels. Having a high glycemic index, when entering the body produces a lot of insulin. On the contrary, it has a low level of satiety, so you will continue to eat. To make things worse, the sugars your body does not digest up into grease.
  4. It creates dependency. Thanks to the content of sugar and caffeine, which reactivate nerve endings of the brain and cause after 45 minutes of drinking glasses, they increase the production of hormones that produce satisfaction. This is why its effect is compared with heroin. Also, Laura Moreno said that caffeine used today is not natural, but synthetic, causing more damage.
  5. It affects protein metabolism and blood quality. This is caused by an additive E-150, which leads to the development of anemia, depression and confusion.
  6. In addition, it is associated with kidney stones and artificial coloring of its formula with lung cancer, liver, thyroid gland and leukemia; not forgetting that gas causes inflammation and bad digestion that can become chronic. Better light? According to the researcher, they are equally harmful, because drinking in large quantities can cause brain damage, memory loss, mental confusion, Alzheimer's disease, retinal and nerve damage.

As the researcher focuses on the wheel, the reality is that all soft drinks cause damage to your body, and due to the large amount of sugar, gas and other chemicals, especially if consumed in excess. It is best to leave your consumption only for special occasions and limit yourself to one or two glasses.

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