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Abandoned | Exposure Arsenal plan winter window for sale Ozil High salaries have become an obstacle – Assen, Mary, is, is one, this – Snov edge park gooooal


2018-12-21 17:59:16 Source: Ksueiuaniuan gooooal

Original title: Leaving | Arsenal's plans to sell Ozil in winter high-rise windows have become an obstacle

According to reports from the British media, Arsenal of the Premier League plans to take Ozil out of doors, in the winter window in January Ozil can leave the Emirates Stadium, but the weekly salary of 350,000 pounds is a big burden, it's hard to have a team ready to accept such a high-paid German .

According to Independent, Arsenal is willing to sell Ozil in January, as the Emili team manager believes he is currently not clearly positioned in the team. According to the report, Emeri is ready to sell Ozil. The main problem stems from the continuous differences between the two sides on the tactical role.

One person for training said: "Until now, except Ozil, every player accepted the idea of ​​a coach." Although Ozil thinks that the front waist, Emeri wants players to threaten opponents and run more.

To make things even more complicated, Arsenal gave Ozil this year a big deal with a weekly salary of about 300,000 pounds. Several clubs will be willing to pay such a fee, which means that if the situation worsens, Arsenal may have to publish it.

According to the Times, Arsenal will consider hiring Ozil for failing to win Emery's trust.

Arsenal is ready to sell Ozil to raise funds for signing and reducing salaries in the club, but given the players' high pay, they are worried that they will not get an acceptable offer. If Emery wants to get rid of Ozil, he can be the best choice for the club, and the attacker will even have to be forced to subsidize a portion of the salary to complete the transaction.Go back to Soho and see more


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