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An important speech by Secretary General Xi Jinping at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening caused an enthusiastic response among members and party members


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Topic: Relai race of great rejuvenation – an important speech by Secretary General Xi Jinping at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening caused an enthusiastic response among members and party members

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At the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening, the important speech of Secretary General Xi Jinping considered the great struggle of the Chinese nation and emphasized the exact flow of the future wave wave, provoked an enthusiastic response among members and party members.

Everyone said that the reform and opening up, the persistence and the enrichment of the experience accumulated in reform and opening up, overcoming difficulties, being brave in innovation, and rushing into the relay to achieve a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by understanding the perseverance and determination of Kingshan . Good grades.

"Let people share the fruits of reform and open up"

Tickets, such as seal food, shopping tickets, fish tickets, oil tickets, oil tickets, tofu cards, dysfunctional food, industrial vouchers, etc. They are not separated from the history museum … "In the morning of 18th Zhang Ren, retired employee of Linii, Watching the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening in front of the television, he heard this sentence and was very hot.

"When I first joined the work, almost all the living needs were on the list." The memory of Ren Ren suddenly receded in the 1970s, when he did not think he would "transform" 40 years later. Online shopping. From the quantitative supply of "buying triplets" to "goods of a million", "hungry, lack of food and wear, life is difficult" and for thousands of years to torment our people, with the entrance to the museum.

Iuan Longping, the pioneer of reform and the father of hybrid rice in the world, is the witness of this history and promoters. Using the reform of the home contract system, he successfully conducted a hybrid rice research in three lines and promoted him across the country.

"In just 8 years, the average rice yield has increased by 55%. The Chinese have had enough to eat at once." Looking back on the journey of Chinese hybrid rice, Iuan Longping said that reform and opening would allow everyone to eat from eating to eating. We broke the world record of rice yields and promoted the development of disciplines, and even social productivity.

For the past 40 years, we have firmly grasped the possibilities and feelings of the struggle in the hands of the Chinese themselves, in addition to their jobs. Vu Tingliang, who lives in the village of Xinxiao, the flood, the Luxi County, the city of Bijia, the Guizhou Province, is one of the ordinary people whose fate has changed.

"If you are poor from a small family, if reform and opening up, the government will increase poverty reduction, I can continue to wander outside. I heard the Secretary General say, I feel that my heart is particularly warm and that it goes even further into the future." Vu Tinglian's hometown is located in Vumeng Mountain. Concentrated in areas affected by poverty, when he was 17 years old, he "rode" to work in Guangdong, and now he learned the technology and accumulated funds. He started working on a shoe-processing factory at his doorstep and fought with his villagers.

"The Secretary-General said that efforts should be made to improve the sense of well-being, happiness and security of people, and health is their basis. I want to continue to protect the health of peasants." Ma Musha, 41, is a river in Gonghe County, the province of Kinghai. Dean of the health center in the city center, rooted in basic populations for more than 20 years, and farmers and shepherds have formed a deep feeling.

From "small diseases, major diseases" to voluntary free medical examinations, vaccinations on time, transformation of the concept of health of farmers and pastors have made Ma Musha realize happiness as a doctor. Over the past 40 years, China has built the world's largest social security system, including pensions, medical care, etc. And health insurance covers more than 1.3 billion people.

In Renmin University's lecture hall of China, senior Information Management School students, Shen Hao and students, concentrated on listening to the important speech of Secretary General Xi Jinping. "In the hands of the Chinese people, it is impossible to become an opportunity. We are extremely proud and proud of the Chinese people who have created the wonder of mankind!" Everyone can not help but applaud here.

Speaking about the way of education, Shen Hao from the 1990s deeply felt the speed of reform and opening up. "The hometown of Shandong Binzhou built railroad last year, and the speed of traffic is getting faster and faster. In a few hours I can go to school from home to Beijing, I heard that I will repair a fast rail in the future."

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"Continuously realize that people are craving for a better life"

These days are at the peak of social security payments at the end of the year. In the service network of the Social Security Bureau in Nanning, Guangka, people who come to pay taxes are in constant flow. Huang Shiii, deputy director of the Bureau of Social Security of the city of Nanning, has moved through various service points to ensure unhindered and convenient payment.

"In his speech, the Secretary General stressed that it is necessary to respect people as a center. As a social security worker, I feel that I have a great responsibility." Huang Shiii said that we will improve the building of the social system of smart people and expand the scope of reform policies such as "joint health insurance" that the public can enjoy. For a more convenient social security service.

Ma Ping, director of the Municipal Planning and Health Commission of Changchun, said: "We will further deepen the reform and allow people to reduce the burden of treatment and enjoy a healthy life."

On December 18th, in Huaki Village, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, known as the "first village in the world," more than 50,000 people and people focused on watching the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up.

"The annual per capita income in Huaki Village per capita currently stands at 90,500 yuan, 410 times higher than in 1978. The Huaki village today, relying on reform and opening up, is still inseparable from reforms and opening tomorrow," he said. secretary of the Huaki Party Committee of Vu Ksien. In the future, I will make the Huaki village a "rural city" with industrial prosperity, ecological acceptability, civilized civilization, effective governance and prosperous life, with urban quality and rural characteristics.

Zhang Yongkin, a peasant in the village of Huakiao, the city of Changba, Kang County, Gansu Province, after listening to an important speech by Secretary General Xi Jinping, Zhang Yongkin "sends the heart out of heart for reform and opening." Through a beautiful construction neighborhood, the once-depleted village of Huakiao is becoming a stage scene at 4A level.

Relieving poverty is severe bone, and alleviating poverty is a difficult task.

At the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening, Jia Licheng, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the city of Kikou, Linkian County, Shanki Province, visited the poor households in the village and sat on the tricks of poor households. He listened carefully to the important speech of Secretary General Xi Jinping.

"In order to ease the reduction of poverty of sustainability, the first priority is to raise the ambition and wisdom of peasants and enable them to try the delicacy of entrepreneurial business." Jia Licheng said that the next step will help poor households to develop the real estate industry and expand the industrial chain of crop industry so that the villagers will be on schedule. Realize well.

Zujie is a team leader in a live working class distribution and study room in the state-owned network Ksuzhou Pover Suppli Compani. On the 18th, he used the mobile phone to go to the field to work and listen to the important speech of Secretary General Xi Jinping.

"Reform and opening are largely dependent on innovation, and for the operation of the power grid, a strong technological innovation is needed. I like to invent and work with my colleagues now to develop an" automatic robot ", and if it develops successfully, it will be effective to ease the intensity of manual labor and better protect Vanjia. Light, "Zujie said.

"Now people can no longer eat, wear warm clothes, live without housing, eat health, carry personality and live spacious, not a problem of rapid development, but development is good, balance is not a problem of balance and insufficient insufficiency." Seating on the podium of the Great Hall of Peoples and listening to the reform pioneer of an important speech by Secretary General Xi Jinping, Ma Shankiang, the national mediator of Guaniinkiao Street in Jiangbei District Chongqing, further strengthened the direction of future work: "I will improve The focus of mass work focuses on new problems and new phenomena appearing in social governance, and constantly improving the sense of gain, happiness and security of the masses. "

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"Creating a New and More Wonder of the Chinese Nation in the New Era"

Members and party members said the heroic declaration by Secretary General Xi Jinping on the new path of reform and opening in the new era would surely lead to the revival of the whole party and people of all nations to advance history.

Reform Pioneer, a former inspector of the People's Procurator in the city of Sichia, the autonomous region of Xinjiang Uigur, said deepening reforms and opening must support the party's leadership in all works, continuously strengthen and improve party leadership, and always consider that people want a better life as our goal . The rule of law is an important guarantee for development and continuously promotes social justice and justice.

In December, the coldness of Daking was strong. The news that "Iron Man" Vang Kimin won the title of reform pioneer made Daking Oilfield immersed in warmth and anniversary. Iron Man Spirit has a long history, inspiring generations of oil people to progress.

In the 18th century, the Daking Oilfield Drilling Engineering Compani was drilled with 30,706 drilling rigs. Sludge workers, Wang Jianking and workers, threw a heavy cold inspectorate at minus ten degrees Celsius. Wang Jianking said: "As a petroleum worker, it is necessary to establish the will of Iron Man, to inherit the spirit of Iron Man, to continue to work hard, to overcome difficulties and to contribute oil to the homeland with practical actions to encourage national rejuvenation."

A few thousand miles away from Dakinga, next to the Maanshan Beaches in Lingua, Ningkia Iinchuan Hedong Airport, dozens of engineering vehicles work in a neat and orderly manner, laying the foundations for afforestation in the spring of next year.

"Although I withdrew, but my life is not dead, the sand rule is not limited, we have to bring society back to better results." Pioneer Reform, Ningkia Lingva Baijitan National Nature Reserve, former Party Secretary and director Wang Ioude is full of trust In the future, in the future, we will turn the desert into an ecological park that integrates choice, sightseeing, tourism and well-being so that society can share the achievements of prevention and control sand and constantly write new wonders.

Wearing a cloth and a pair of shoes on the wrist, this is the costume of Vu Jiniin, Secretary of the Tangzhuang Tovn Party, Veihui City, Henan Province for decades. Looking at him this time, it's still as simple as usual.

"I was proud and proud to receive the title of the reform pioneer." Vu Jiniin said that the important speech by Secretary General Xi Jinping is inspirational and inspiring. We must follow the strategic plan of the Central Committee of the Central Committee for the revitalization of villages, one by one, Tangzhuang. The city has created a beautiful city of harmony and happiness, enabling people to live happier and happier lives.

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