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Biggest revision for four years "VeChat in Middle Ages Crisis" asks new students – VeChat Tencent VeChat


Short-term deleting text messaging messages, re-warming social trails, short video for robbery of user time, and collectively burning "bitter VeChat of the world for a long time", as well as new members of the team, let VeChat introduce this year's biggest test in seven years.

This year's Vechat small small steps are incorrect (for example, the subscription list changes the flow of information before and after iteration), revealing enthusiasm for internal and external difficulties, it seems to be thinking about how to achieve a natural iteration in its own way, Instead of being socially and fun, the direction is biased.

How to insist on the heart of the heart and keep up with time. At the end of the year, VeChat, who tested for a year, finally handed over his answer sheet. After the version number was upgraded from 6.7.4 to 7.0.0, VeChat introduced the largest in four years. Upgrade from inside.

The most "heavy" application, introduced in the "brightest" interface

The initial screen of a medieval and old-fashioned style of style makes people feel cool (hey, after all, Zhang Xiaolong has reached this age), and then there is a flat, clean white user interface that allows the user to calm down. After anxiety, that was a surprise.

VeChat 7.0 new interface

Clean, light, simple and energetic – this is the first impression VeChat 7.0 downloads. When VeChat became the most difficult application in mobile phones, version 7.0 hopes to convey the feeling that light is white paper.

The VeChat icon turns from dark green to light green, and the gray status bar is transparent, finds the "cavity" of the page icon and fades the border of the chat list, all of which reduces the "presence" of users. "You can completely ignore the white book itself on a social footprint.

A flat and simple style is also the "standard color scheme" of the new generation of social products, VeChat's "youth" is more brave and more radical than the KK. A highly saturated pure white interface is exactly the same as the aesthetic expression of middle-aged and elderly people, but it is not even friendly to their vision and operation, and it seems that VeChat involves determining rejuvenation.

Re-appearance of the user interface means that VeChat hopes to "psychologically reduce the burden" for users from the level of the user interface. The "social pressure" and "contextual collapse" that users face, VeChat also hopes to remove the psychological burden of users in self-image and social exchange.

Answer "short video shocks" in your own way

Is it a crisis of trust caused by "a friend's three days", or a desire to divide what is eliminated by grouping, protection and concern, even the "retribution" of the "common group" in the middle of the year for the zombie group. Together they played collective psychology "the world is bitter and long-lasting".

Like Facebook, when VeChat becomes a "holographic mapping" of the user's social map, when all one-time relationships turn into permanent social relationships, when a deep and short relationship of users is in one place, the social relationship of users and the Digital identity management burden will become more difficult than ever, and users have to surrender and return to silence.

When the circle of friends became quieter, when the VeChat image was locked one by one, when the Zombie VeChat group left users to give up resistance, VeChat returned to the private communication of the telephone and SMS era, and the semi-open "social market" gradually became corrupt.

When the content of a circle of friends is no longer exciting and fresh, the platform of public content such as Veibo and Vibrato will be more attractive and accelerate the shift of user attention. The explosive growth of short video this year has benefited from VeChat's "vacuum content," which in turn encouraged VeChat's "vacuum of attention."

VeChat 7.0 uses its own "resolution method" to respond to "short video waveforms", which is a new video moment.

People who are a little concerned about social products can at first glance see that the current video "download" feature is Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Veibo has already taken the lead in launching the Veibo story last year. However, it does not support forwarding and expansion and automatically fires in 24 hours, so Veibo's story can not use its greatest advantage in social communication, and eventually it became the place where Aidou sprinkled "well-being" for fans and did not activate "small transparent "users. Share wishes.

If some users do not think a limit of 5,000 is posted, the current video can not become a public square such as Instagram Stories and Veibo stories. Time Video gives users a private album without any sharing pressure to meet the sharing needs without the instantaneous time.

For example, to go to the concert, you can use a small video to connect the scene, without worrying about a friend's circle, you can invite your girlfriend to watch. You do not have to worry about grouping and protecting, but only those who say hello or special. The "privacy" of the input gives the user a sense of security and opens a private space in an open circle of friends.

However, a group video portal (just like a group folder of the KK, your video moment will appear in the group of friends of the VeChat group "short video collections"), but this can destroy the privacy of this sharing, bring people feeling excessive exposure, blur the boundaries between private and public domain. This also makes the type of sharing the current video confusing, whether private life (private domain) or vibrato (public domain).

I noticed that the first moments of video sent by many people were transferred from vibrates, so it can become a secret channel of vibrates to attack VeChat, and a vibrato video can be distributed by VeChat, but it will also be shaken. A part of the traffic that ordinary users share on a daily basis. From this point of view, we can say that we have withdrawn the city.

Button for "watch" and "social distribution"

Another "self-revolution" VeChat 7.0. It's thinking and repositioning social distribution. The rate of opening of the VeChat public account is in decline, and the user's desire to share is worse, and the "lack of" the public and fans seems to declare that the "big trend has gone" in social distribution, and the look of VeChat on the line looks like an algorithm and interest. Distribution of compromise. The call to change the subscription list to the flow of information was once too much.

However, the "look and see" lukewarm indicates that there will be no exits from the "main direction", and the subscriber number will change the information flow only for fish. Finally, VeChat finally found its "revival of social distribution".

The click button at the bottom of the public column becomes "convenient," and the "good" content is automatically recommended to view it. The transformation of such a button has an effect of four or two. It will share an extreme "light" action, which you no longer need to think about before thinking about sharing, carefull for grouping, protecting and managing images, just one click to share.

This is undoubtedly good news for public operators who share traffic exhaustion. Although many users like the "privacy" of praise, they do not like the obligatory term "handsome", but for a public number, public communication is needed, not a secret, a praise – point As is the same as breaking the chain of communication.

And not only that, the "one-click channel" "good" solves the problem that the input is too deep and the user does not develop the "look and see" habit. When you share an article "look and see" through "handsome", you naturally want to see who your friends are and how others comment. Although it is difficult to get discussions based on common recommendations, "good looks" brings users from a public number into a "look at" information flow. "It is expected that" look at it "will become another big" flow pool "outside the circle of friends. VeChat's public accountants are already preparing and ready to swim in it.

And "look at" will also share the functions of sharing information and acquiring a friend's circle. After the flow of information is reduced and the flow of life increases, the circle of friends will return to the place where personal dynamics are shared. Let life be life, information is information, and a friend is expected to return clean, clean before the subscription number appears. Of course, the scene of "harassment of people", which is regularly followed by the explosion of texts, will forever disappear.

In addition to the "young" interface, ordinary users may not see any other changes in the VeChat, however, after the above analysis, you can see that VeChat goes through self-evolution in the "reverted" and returns to initial self-correction. What has changed was insisting on paranoid self-tracking.

Whether a new life has been introduced, or accelerated on the life cycle curve, after VeChat 7.0, I believe we can see the results in 2019.

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