Tuesday , January 31 2023

China's foreign ministry responds to claims of US cyber security: nature is poor, no reason to live | Morning Post


In response to a US court service that accused two Chinese hackers of stealing government agencies and corporate information, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced this morning that US "fabricated facts have done everything from scourge and blamed China for cyber security."

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuniing said that US behavior has seriously violated basic norms of international relations and has seriously damaged cooperation between the US and the US. Nature was very bad. The Chinese side resolutely opposed this and had already held the United States show.

She said: "The position of the Chinese government on cyber security issues is consistent and clear, China is an important cyber security expert and consistently opposes and breaks into any form of cyber security. The Chinese government has never participated or supported in any form. deals with theft of business secrets. "

Hua Chuniing also said long-term, extensive, organized network hacking and monitoring of foreign governments, businesses and individuals by the relevant US departments "are already open secrets". The US side blamed China for its unjustified nickname in the name of "cyber-theft", a clear slap in the face and deceptive. China will never accept it.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also urged the United States to immediately correct the wrong practices, stop breaking the Chinese side on cyber security issues and abolish the so-called " Criminal prosecution of Chinese staff, in order to avoid serious damage to relations between the two countries and cooperation between the two sides in related areas. China will take the necessary measures to firmly protect China's security security and its own interests.

In addition, Hua Chuniing also pointed out that some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have also published rumors about China on cyber security issues. They are pure from nothing and have completely different motives. We will never accept it and will oppose it resolutely. We urge these countries to respect the facts and stop the deliberate defamation of China in order not to damage their bilateral relations and cooperation with China in important areas.

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