Tuesday , January 31 2023

Climbing unmanned shelves crack, Jingdong announced at home "withdrawal" – Love Fan · Leave the future at your fingertips


  1. Climbing unmanned shelves broken, Jingdong announced at home to "pull" Love Fan · Leave the future at your fingertips
  2. Jingdong houses without police were exposed and closed: only the adjustment of the Sina.com project
  3. Hotspot | Jingdong arrives at home to stop the project of unmanned shelves to refuse releaseShanghai Sohu
  4. News that Jingdong police stations shut down and canceled the official response: to adjust the project – eCommerce – B2C / B2B cnBeta
  5. Closed shelves in Jingdong were closed: it was said that project adaptation staff could be transferred to the site.
  6. See the full story of Google Nevs
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