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"Double 11" live fun entertainment entertainment, watch performance growth rate of over 50% – Beijing Business Nevs – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-16 01:42:48 Source: Beijing Business Daili

According to the latest Damai.com data, during the Double 11 event this year, consumption is expanding to offline. Growth of consumption in the live entertainment market is evident, and "warm winter" was introduced for the first time. Altogether 7552 performances were held throughout the country, an increase of 30% compared to the same period of 2017, revenue from office offices increased by 52% compared to the same period of 2017. The number of entertainment performances on the spot reached 3 , 2 million, which is 54% more than in the same period of 2017. Among all the public, consumers of the "90s" accounted for more than half of the total and reached 53%, while the review of urban cities continues to be a popular trend of 34% of the total consumer group.

The performances of the three major categories of concerts, drama operas and Kuiuan Various increased significantly, 65%, 47% and 45% increased in the same period of 2017. Among them, 2018 Zhang Xueiou touring Haikou Station, Hong Kong Chicken Fliing Music Festival, Happi Twist 2019 , laughing at New Year's Drama "There's no more than a moon in the window", the 2018 Deiun Société Beijing Conference Conversation, and the exciting robbery of the tour are the most popular among consumers.

During the Double 11, Damai.com has gathered more than 600 high-quality IP repertoires such as Jai Chou Macau Tour, Happi Tvisted Nev Iear's Drama, Dahe Dance, Svan Lake, Mamma Mia etc., through coupon form , ticket, etc. Upgrading consumption on the entertainment market. It is worth mentioning that, besides the introduction of a quality repertoire, Damai.com also took part in creating content of entertaining performances this year. He started "Mai Hip-hop Live Chengdu rhythm does not stop" and "Mai EDM Live Hangzhou does not stop the power." More than a thousand people, Livehouse, recommended the Canadian Sun Circus for entertainment and sent a theater play on the screen. This is not just the richness of the "twin 11" scene for young people, but also points to more opportunities for future participation of Damai.com as the Tmall Double 11 "Performance Partner". Veterans industry said that the performance market was always "light and cold". Extending and introducing the consumer scene "Double 11" is not only good for the consumer side, it also empowers the site to attract new business opportunities to the live industry.

(Article Source: Beijing Business Daili)

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