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Information Agency Xinhua, Beijing, December 21 Problem: Earn an important strategic period and move steadily toward high quality – Interpreting the Central Business Conference for 2018

Journalist of the Xinhua Nevs Agency

Pass through the extraordinary 2018 and accept 2019 at the new starting point.

The anniversary of the founding of New China in 2019 is a key year for building a good society in a comprehensive way. How are the historical coordinates of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening, how to plan a new picture of China's economic and social development next year? The Central Economic Labor Conference, which closed on December 21, has brought new trends to the future development of China.

Keep up the whole ton of steady progress and further improve the "six stable" jobs

The Chinese economic operation was stable and stable in 2018, but faced a complex situation of a stable, changing and worrying one. The economy is faced with reduced pressure.

The meeting made an important decision: China's development is still in the long-term and important period of strategic opportunities. The meeting also emphasized that China's development has enough resilience and great potential, and the long-term positive trend of the economy will not change.

For the economic work next year, the meeting presented the "five reservations": adhere to the general tone of stable progress, adhere to the new development concept, persist in promoting high-quality development, adhere to structural supply reforms as the main line and persist in deepening market-oriented reforms. Expanding openness at a high level, apparently further improving employment, stabilizing finance, stabilizing foreign trade, stabilizing foreign investment, stabilizing investments and stabilizing expectations.

"The best way to deal with changes in stability is to continue looking for stability." Zhang Likun, a researcher at the State Council's Development Research Center, said the striving for stability is the general tone of Chinese economic work that has been going on in recent years. In a complex and unstable situation, respect for this principle is even more important.

Since the beginning of this year, in view of the declining pressure on the economy in a complex situation, the Central Committee of the Party has implemented a series of measures in a timely manner with the goal and key implementation point "six standing", and has repeatedly responded to the US economic tensions, effectively strengthening trust in the market and better goals for macroeconomic regulation and control. Completed economic and social development throughout the year has reached a difficult result.

Wang Jun, a member of the Academic Committee of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said that the more complex the situation, the more necessary maintenance of strategic power, turning the period of strategic opportunities and crises into an opportunity. The meeting promised a new "u" connotation, encouraged the vitality of the micro-subject through measures such as tax cuts and reductions in fees, and promoted quality development in further strengthening structural reform on the supply side and the three major battles.

Focus on the "eight-character policy" and insist on the structural reform of the offer as the main line

The meeting said that the main contradiction of China's economic operations is still structurally oriented and that structural reforms on the supply side must be adhered to, as well as adopt more reforms. More market-oriented and rule-of-law rules should be used to "consolidate, improve, improve and smooth" eight words of effort ".

– To consolidate the achievements "three to one, one to one and one for change", promote more capacities to overcome the capacity to speed up cleaning, reduce the costs of various companies across the entire society, and increase the strength of infrastructure and other shortcomings.

– To improve the vitality of micro-subjects, to give ideas to the subjective initiative of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, to establish fair and open market rules and the business environment of the rule of law, to promote positive incentives and survival of the safest and to develop more high-quality enterprises.

– In order to improve the level of the industrial chain, focus on the use of technological innovations and effects on the scale to form new competitive advantages, and cultivate and develop new industrial clusters.

– Implement the national economic cycle, accelerate the construction of a single, open and competitive modern market system, improve the ability of the financial system to serve the real economy and form a virtual circle of domestic markets and productive entities, economic growth and employment, and financial and real economy.

"These eight words are proposed for the current status of structural reforms on the supply side, based on the solution of deep-rooted contradictions and structural problems." Vang Xiaoguang, deputy director of the Economic Department of the Central Party School (National School of Administration), said that the structural reforms on the supply side are detailed. Progress, progress has been made in complementing the board and adapting the structure, but it still faces difficulties and pressures and needs to be redoubled. Consolidating achievements, improving the vitality of development, increasing industrial competitiveness and shifting the national economic cycle, structural reforms on the supply side will produce even more results.

The three main policies work together to create an "optimal policy"

Given the declining pressure on the economy, how will government control policies catch the rhythm next year and make it more precise?

The meeting suggested that we should comprehensively and correctly understand macro-political, structural policies and social policy orientations to ensure that the economy functions within a reasonable range.

Wang Jun said that the three main policies work together to reflect "a chess" by referring to government regulation and control, and striving to achieve an optimal policy mix and maximum overall impact by linking and coordinating long-term and short-term policies.

For the three main policies, the meeting proposed special measures –

Macroeconomic policies need to strengthen countercyclical regulation and continue to implement proactive fiscal policies and a wise monetary policy. Among them, a proactive fiscal policy should "reinforce efforts to improve efficiency" and "implement a larger amount of tax cuts and reduce fees," a stable monetary policy should be "firm and moderate" and "maintain high liquidity" "to solve private enterprises and small and micro enterprises Financing difficult financial problems. "

Structural policies should strengthen the building of institutional mechanisms, adhere to the driving forces of reform, and deepen reforms in the areas of state capital, fiscal and taxation, land, market access and social governance.

Social policy should strengthen the basic function of support and implement the policy of employment priorities.

Zhang Likun said macroeconomic policies should play a role in stabilizing growth. Structural policies should promote structural optimization and improvement, mainly through deepening reforms to better play the decisive role of the market in the distribution of resources. We should consider the function of people's lives, employment as the basis for people's lives.

Continue to set up three main battles against exceptional problems

In 2018, three major battles will be successful, and how will the next year be next year? The meeting suggested that the next year should focus on open issues and set up a good campaign.

Preventing major risk management is the first of three major battles. The meeting suggested that we adhere to the basic ideas of structural liberation, to prevent abnormal fluctuations and resonances in the financial market and to properly manage the risks of local government debt in order to be robust, controlled, orderly and appropriate.

Zeng Gang, deputy director of the National Laboratory for Finance and Development, said the current financial risks are mostly convergent. While managing additional risks, we need to focus on addressing the risks of risk, in particular the intensity and pace of livestock risk management. "The long-term problem of cumulative risk should be prepared for a long-term solution, understand the strength and direction, and advance in a proper way."

We have to fight the fight against poverty, and we must work hard to solve the exceptional problems that we face "two guarantees and three guarantees," combating pollution, preserving our position, consolidating our achievements and focusing on the victory of the blue sky and the defense of the war. Target posting for next year.

"In order to build a good society in a comprehensive manner by 2020, the next year is the most important period for combating poverty." Xu Xianglin, a professor at the Central School of Administration, said that increasing infrastructure, such as roads and communications, and the development of cooperatives would enable the industry in poor areas. Support will help to reduce and prevent the problem of returning to poverty and further increasing the income of poor people.

"Enterprises have vitality and development, and they have a basis for pollution control." Peng Iingdeng, a researcher at the National Environmental Research Center for Environmental Pollution Control, said recent research has found that many private companies feel that government awareness and the environmental intensity have increased this year. After the profit of the company, it has more power to conduct pollution control. He said that the state can coordinate the relationship between economic development and environmental management and fight the fight against pollution.

Focus on seven key tasks next year and move firmly towards the development of high quality

To the great historic hub of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, how to do the economic work next year? The meeting identified seven key tasks, namely the improvement of high-quality development of the processing industry, promotion of the formation of a strong domestic market, firm promotion of rural revitalization strategy, promotion of regional coordinated development, acceleration of economic restructuring, promotion of comprehensive opening, strengthening of security and improvement of people's lives. .

Promote the deep integration of advanced production and modern services, accelerate the disposal of "zombies", pay attention to the layout of national laboratories and reorganize the national key laboratory system. A series of recent expressions shows that the central government promotes high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and builds a strong country of production. The sense of urgency has increased significantly.

"High-quality development of production is a top priority of high-quality economic development." Zhang Iansheng, chief researcher at the China International Economic Center, said: "The central government must be good at transforming the crisis into opportunities, turning to security and promoting high-quality production. An important strategic period of time, improving key competitiveness."

From the application of a special policy of deduction for personal income tax, in order to enable people to eat with confidence, they carry the heart and comfortably use it, from the introduction of new cooperative subjects such as farmers' cooperatives to modern agricultural development models, in order to improve the prosecution of the central city; Adjustment and optimization of the financial system is focused on deepening the reform of the financial system and promoting the shift from the openness of goods and factors to the openness of rules and other institutional forms … Whether it is a national "big deal" or "little thing" about people's lives, this meeting He focused on it.

"The seven key tasks of the work, in the final analysis, are to further promote the high-quality development of the economy, further transform traditional industries, energetically develop new industries, accelerate the construction of a modern economic system and make a wider and broader path to quality development in the process of further deepening reforms and opening up" . He said. (Reporter Han Jie, Iu Jiakin, Liu Iangki, Gao Jing, Liu Hongkia)

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