Monday , April 12 2021

“Final Fantasy 7: Remake” PS4 and PS5 video to compare versions of PS5 loads super fast-Single-Game-cnBeta.COM

“Final Fantasy 7: Remake” will land on the PS5 as a “transition version”, bringing new content and huge improvements. The official trailer does highlight some differences between the old and new generations, but recently foreign YouTube bloggers have produced another video that more effectively shows the gap between the two. All exhibited content comes from official promotional materials.


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Video for comparison:

The video comes from YouTube blogger ElAnalista DeBits, who not only compared the difference in image quality between the PS4 and PS5 “Final Fantasy 7: Remake” versions, mainly in terms of brightness and texture improvements, but also compared the loading time. It takes 41 seconds to load the archive for the PS4 version, while for the PS5 version, due to the ultra-fast SSD, it takes less than 2 seconds to read.

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