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Football Federation Issues New Policy Within Three Years to Change Neutral Name Guangzhou Shuangkiong Faces Changing Names – China Nevs

Original title: The Football Association introduced a new policy within three years to change its neutral name. Guangzhou Shuangkiong is facing the change of name.

Nev Ekpress reporter Vang Enem Intern Iu Jianie

Recently, Xinhua news agency reported that the Chinese Football Association will soon introduce new regulations, establishing four financial constraints on "investment restrictions," "cover coverage", "solvency" and "limitation of transfers". In addition, the Chinese Football Federation will also introduce club management rules that require a full name of the club within three years, should be revised in the form of "country name + club name + football club + limited liability company (joint stock company with limited liability or other) ", named full name" country name + club name ".

The main point of the reorganization of the club name issued by the Football Association is to require that the club name be neutral. Currently, the Chinese Football Association has four professional leagues in the Super League, Zhongjia, Zhongii and Zhongguan. The names of the teams in these four leagues must meet the relevant rules. So, what names of the team should be changed in 3 years?

The appointment of the company is not unique to Zhongchao

Fans can think that only Chinese teams are corporate names. In fact, this type of corporate team designation is not unique to Chinese football. In East Asia, for example, K-Liga (Korea) now has the name of the commercial team. Prior to the establishment of the J League (Japan), the Japanese teams were also very entrepreneurs.

Suvon Samsung from the K-league is sponsored by the South Korean Samsung group and is named after him: there are Jeonbuk Hiundai and Ulsan Hiundai, and the former sponsor is Hiundai Motor Group and the second sponsor of Hiundai Heavi Industries Group. Team name. The J League changed its neutral name after having officially entered professionalism in 1993. The former "Mitsubishi Heavi Industri" has been changed to "Puhe Red Diamond", "Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd." has been changed to "Pak Sun God" and "Toio Industrial" has been changed. "Hiroshima three arrows."

If the team name is called for recognizable things or culture of the city, then it is undoubtedly very close to the psychology of the local population, and the public will be more sympathetic to the team. For the Super League club, the team name follows a commercial symbol, which aims to make the team a "propaganda car" for the company. The most famous examples of Chinese football are people and clubs. The team moved from Chien to Guiiang in the last few years and moved to Beijing. He became a famous "stroller" in Chinese football. A team wandering with a strong corporate name is hard to say what the feelings of local fans are.

There are obvious differences between European and US naming methods.

In layman terms, neutralizing a team name means that the name does not carry the name of the company. In international football, the neutral team name is generally divided into two types. One European nomenclature, such as Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Manchester United, Dortmund and Monaco, most of them named by the name of the team, is one American nomenclature, such as Colorado Rapids, Montreal Shock, etc. The symbol is the name.

The European nomenclature is generally referred to by cities, but different countries have different characteristics. In the United Kingdom, different teams in the same city often differ in "connection" and "city", such as Manchester United and Manchester City. In Italy, the designation convention uses the "English abbreviation + city name", such as AC Milan, AC Florence and AS Roma. In Spain, many teams have the word "roial", such as Real Madrid, the Royal Society and city name + athletics, such as Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao. In Germany, the name of the team is "country name + year of club formation", such as Schalke 04, Hannover 96 and Munich 1860. In France, the name of the team prefers to be called directly by the city, such as Lyon, Nice and Marseille.

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