Sunday , January 29 2023

Gillian is married, suffocated on the spot: "We will be happy!" – Careless information


On December 20, Gillian and Lai Hongguo were held at Tsim Sha Tsui Hotel in Hong Kong. On the scene, a six-inch cake with Sa and Joei appeared on the scene, and during the wedding, Gillian and Lai Hongguo not only drank a glass of wine, but also cut the cake, and Gillian choked and said: "We will be happy and happy.

About 18:20, the bride Gillian and the bridegroom Lai Hongguo appeared at the hotel door, and a large number of media journalists gathered on the scene, and under the slogan of the journalists, the two of them kissed three times under the flash. After two newcomers accepted the group interview, Lai Hongguo was very shy, saying that the wedding scene was prepared by a small program, "Practice a few weeks, temporarily confidential." But on the spot it is broken by Gillian, "it seems to be singing, No."

Many Internet users said Gillian had been married for more than a year, and Gillian said she was helpless: "A party in the United States did not want to be public because I wanted to record some videos. It's a little helpless. Things are officially registered to marry yesterday (18).

The wedding scene is decorated on the 8th floor of the hotel, and from the morning the hotel is arranged in a tense way, the scene is like the sea of ​​flowers, white as the main color, the flowers are very romantic, the table is full of wedding cards and presents. Wedding photos of people, happiness and sweetness.

In addition, Ven Bikia, Guan Zhibin, Zhang Jingkuan, Vu Haokang, Hong Zhuoli, Zhong Zhentao, Ren Dahua, Zhang Zhilin, Iuan Iuii, Chen Iuki, Iang Iulin, Ksue Kaiki, Liu Vei and other friends in the circle all appeared on the wedding scene to witness happiness. It has been announced that Lai Hongguo successfully proposed Gillian in February this year, while the two held a romantic party in the United States in May and officially registered in Hong Kong on December 18th.

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