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Have a nice marriage with Lai Hongguo! Gillian is pleased to accept the blessing – Fun Son of Chev Daili


The wedding gift of Joei Iung and Cai Zhuoiu to Gillian is a wedding cake worth 240,000 yuan (about 128,000 RM). The style is the choice of bride Gillian.

Ian Xinyu made a wedding reception at the hotel tonight, led by immune boss Yang Shoucheng. (Making a conference / drafting a Mingki draft)

(Hong Kong, 20.)) Jan Xinyi (Gillian) and her husband, Lai Hongguo, organized a banquet at the hotel tonight, becoming the main event in the entertainment industry. As the head of Gillian, Iang Shoucheng, of course, points to the importance of making the company, Gillian is also very respected. The boss, Yang Chengcheng, brought her to New York tonight and surrendered Lai Hongguo, and a couple of journalists went down on stage and accepted the blessings of all the guests on the scene. The scene was pretty lively.

Joei Iung Sa sent 240,000 yuan cake
Happy to play and rotate

The wedding gift of Joei Iung and Cai Zhuoiu to Gillian is a wedding cake worth 240,000 yuan (about 128,000 RM). The style is the choice of bride Gillian. On wedding reception, Joei and Ah Sa recorded photographs with a wedding cake in the shape of a castle for the first time. The wedding day was a golden light, and the most striking was the cannon's fortress. Joei commented: "The cake is embarrassing, and a few pictures of the 咁 (唔) shadows are on the channel." She and Ah Sa were having fun and playing around the cake.

Gillian: Now I can say my name.

Several new people have asked the media to open. I asked Lai Hongguo to surprise what I gave to Gillian, said there would be some program arrangements, but in order to keep the mystery, there was no indication that I had been practicing a few weeks earlier and I had been practicing for several weeks. What about singing? Lai Hongguo said: "I'm not publishing this, I do not know anything else."

Ian Xinyi and her husband Lai Hongguo have a lot of sunshine on the scene. (Making a conference / drafting a Mingki draft)
Ian Xinyi and her husband, Lai Hongguo, accepted the blessing of all. (Making a conference / drafting a Mingki draft)
Ian Xinyi and her husband Lai Hongguo are happy with everyone. (Making a conference / drafting a Mingki draft)
Joei and A Sa sent 100,000 yuan wedding cakes On Jiajiao married. (Figure Iong Zuer IG)

Gillian said that I am very happy to see a lot of friends today, even if there are different jobs for the presence, their great day witnesses. When asked if she is actively losing weight to wear a wedding dress? Gillian continued: "There are several sets of shirts because the front line is considered swollen. (Many people have recently changed their mouths Lai Tai?) Many are (used to it?) Get used to it! (How do you feel?) I'm the code Houses I can talk about my last name, I can use it at any time, use it! "

Lai Hongguo was asked about the content of the declaration of love tonight, laughed and said that he was self-satisfied, stressing that he was nervous and forgot what to say. After the visit, he will prepare for this and refuse to reveal the sentence. The two also exploded, and Gillian hinted that she had always called the other party to be her husband. Lai Hongguo would also call Gillian as his wife. When asked about the time of the creation of the people, the two played a big pistol, and Gillian asked Lai Hongguo if she could help her get pregnant. Lai Hongguo said openly, everything went smoothly, giving Gillian 100 points and praising a prostitute in the Cantonese.

Ian Xinyi (Gillian) and her husband Lai Hongguo accepted the visit. (Photo: Hong Kong Ming Pao)
A wedding banquet between Ian Xinyi and Lai Hongguo attracted many media for the interview. (Photo: Hong Kong Ming Pao)
Ian Xinyi showed happiness and happiness when her husband, Lai Hongguo, was nearby. (Photo: Hong Kong Ming Pao)

Exposure to the wedding
The flower sea is romantic and elegant everywhere.

On the evening wedding reception, the head of Emperor Iang Shoucheng was banished, and it is quite romantic, and there is also a wedding photo by Gillian and her husband, Lai Hongguoa, out of the venue. The reception desk set up white welcoming benches for guests.

The banquet hall corridors are covered with flowers and in the hall there is a flower bridge. A couple of journalists use their K version of the Chinese doll to design a charger and candle as gifts. (Hong Kong Ming Pao)

Gillian and Lai Hongguo held a banquet for weddings tonight, and the appearance layout was exposed and the flowers were everywhere. (provided by the conference)
New players use a charger and a candle as a gift for returning gifts. (provided by the conference)
The flowers were arranged on both sides of the hallway, quite elegant. (provided by the conference)
Emperor Yang Shoucheng, tonight, fell to the banquet. (provided by the conference)

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