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Hong Kong Iu Sailong retired Guo Iu male singles from the game He Bingjiao single female singles 8 – Sohu Sports – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-15 22:58:42 Source: Sohu Sports

Original name: Hong Kong Iu Sailong retired Guo Iu male single He Bingjiao single female single 8

On November 15 in Beijing, the continuation of the World Badminton China Hong Kong Open 2018. In the second round of men's singles, the number of 5 seeds Xiaolong retired before the match with the Indian player Shamir. At the moment, Chinese players have completely missed the men in this competition. In the women's singles, He Bingjiao defeated teammate Cai Ianian with 2-0 and became the only Guoiu player to win female singles. In addition, in the men's double doubles, double women, Guo Iu also has only one pair combination in the quarterfinals.

Guo Iu collective let out male individuals

Before the start of the competition, Shi Yuki and Kiao Bin retreated. Yesterday, Lin Dan and Huang Iukiang stopped the first round. Today, with the withdrawal of Xiaolong, this game has not yet been fully produced in the quarter-finals. Reverse. After defeating three matches in the first match 17-21, Tao Tian Xiandou changed his matchmaker Changshaana Gantaia in two matches, who scored 21-17, 21-16 in the last two games, and Tao Tian Ksiandou turned his team mates. He was successful in the quarterfinals. An opponent of the Taotian squadron is Indonesian Jonathan, who defeated team-mate Jin Ting 21-15, 25-23.

Male singl br. 6 seeds Sun Haohu from South Korea beat Koster Thailand 21: 15, 21: 19, and Sun Haohua quarter-final will face his colleague Li Donggen. Japanese player Nishimoto also beat Cantabong in Thailand with 21-6, 21-13 in the first game losing 16-21. Opponent of boxing Nishimoto in the quarter-finals is Srikani Srikante. This round of Srikantera is won by colleague Planoii 18-21, 30-29, 21-18. Indian champion Shamir, who retired the dragon, will play against host Li Zhuojo, who defeated Denmark Vittenhas 21-12, 23-21.

Women singly: He himself is Bingjiao Cheng Guoiu himself

The first female players in the tournament, Dai Iingiing, this round 17-21, 21-16, 21: 9 reversals won the home team Zhang Ianii, Quarterfinals Dai Ziiing against Spanish Marlin, and the second in the second round defeated 2-0 Li Venshan of Canada. Guo Iu player Gao Kijie lost from the 7th seed Aoiuan from 17-21, 9-21, and Aoiuan hopes to meet the quarter-finals with Thai Chu Chuvo.

Women individually 3/4, the number of Chinese team number 8 He Bingjiao defeated teammate Cai Ianian 21-16, 21-18, He Bingjiao quarter-finals match against South Korean sister Cheng Chi, the second round 26-24, 22-20 eliminated the Indian third sintuku. Guo Iu player Chen Xiaokin defeated Thai Indnon with 16-21, and another national pen of Han Iue also lost Japan Japan, the second seed of female singles, 19-21, 11-21. The quarter-finals of Iamaguchia will face Indnon.

In the second round of men's doubles, the combination of national featherweight He Jizhen / Tan Kiang beat Japan Bao Mushuo Lang / Xiao Lin Iouvu 22-20, 21-15, and the second pair of Guo Iu combination Ou Ii / Ren Xiangiu lost from Denmark 15-21 Combination Astrup / Rasmussen. He Jizhen / Tan Kiang became the only Guoi pair who scored in the men's doubles. The second round of women's doubles, the combination of the national feather Huang Dongping / Feng Xueiing 1-2 lost in the top seed of the game Fukushima Iuki / Hirota Choi, Du Fu / Li Iinhui beat Denmark Fleurgod 21-19, 21-17 Tigson, Li Venmei / Zheng Iu 15-21, 16-21 lost from South Korea Li Shaoki / Shen Shengiu, Du Fu / Li Iinhui became the only seedling of Guoiu Women's double in the quarterfinals.

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