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Iani's high-tech war capital welcomes the turnover of major companies into the largest shareholder |荃 银 高科 |中 新 |张琴 _ 新浪 新闻


Original title: Iani's high-tech capital for the war shift Central Enterprises strong entry into the largest shareholder

The Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Iibo) has reversed a long-standing share in the company.

In the evening of November 15, Ianiin Hi-Tech announced that many shareholders of the company signed a share transfer agreement. Sinochem Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. transferred 92,520,965 shares of the company, making 21,50% of the company's total share capital and becoming the largest shareholder of the company.

The announcement shows that the total transfer price is 818.81 million yuan, and the transfer price of shares is 8.85 yuan / share.

According to the information of the public, Sinochem Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinochem Group and represents a unique platform for the development of a group of agricultural services. Sinochem Group is one of the four major national oil companies in China, a leading integrated chemical service provider, the largest agricultural inputs (fertilizer, seeds, pesticides) and integrated operations of modern agricultural services.

Ianiin Hi-Tech is the leading enterprise in the seafood industry in Hefei, known as the "first action of Chinese seed industry GEM". In recent years, it has been in a conflict of equality, and the party facing the president of the company Zhang Kin is a medium-sized factory. . After the medium planting system, Dabei Agricultural has increased its capital of Ianiin High-Tech several times in the supply of secondary markets and blocked trading, holding 14.17%, becoming the single largest owner of Ianiin High Tech.

A Beijing reporter pointed out that the "joint hands" of shareholders who transferred shares at Sinochem included the multiple strengths of the existing shareholding camp Iankee.

The announcement states that share transfer shareholders include six: Chongking Zhongkin Rongze Investment Center (Limited Partnership) and its jointly-owned Chongking Zhongkin Rongkin Investment Center, a subsidiary of Tibet Zhongkin Ruiiin Investment Management Co., Ltd. and some of the actions of Zhang Kin and Jia Guilan, as well as Ling Bisuo, Zhang Zikai, Vu Daorong, Anhui Iurui Asset Management Co., Ltd. – 钜 沣 Quantitative Fund for the Protection of Private Capital, Beijing Ianzhao Huijin International Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongnong Fumin Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and the other six shareholders had actions.

Among them, the most important one is the first Kino-Singapore and its joint action, behind the control of people as a solution, that is, the middle block, transfer 48120085 shares, whose total share capital is 11.18%. After the reduction is completed, the percentage of shares held by Zhongzhi will fall to 4.65%.

In the statement of changes in equity, this aspect indicates that the change in equity is largely a consequence of the transfer of part of the shares of the listed company in possession due to business activities. In the next 12 months, Chongking Zhongkin Rongkin and Tibet Zhongkin Ruiiin have no plans to increase their participation in quoted companies. Chongking Zhongkin Rongze plans to continue to reduce stocks of listed companies. In the event of a change in related rights and interests, the disclosure obligation will strictly enforce relevant procedures and disclosure obligations in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

In addition to the Zhongzhi system, Zhang Kin and Jia Guilan (wife Vang Iulin), senior shareholders and president of the company, who had previously had conflicts, also appeared in the transmitter. However, in relation to the average factory, they carried fewer shares.

A Beijing reporter pointed out that the former "Family" and "Kin Kin", President of the Bank of China, already had signs of "reconciliation" before transferring shares to central companies.

In April 2016, due to a breach of regulations, Zhongkin Rongze, a shareholder of Ianiin Hi-Tech, and its joint ventures, was investigated by the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission and prosecuted by the Bank of China. The suit was also considered equal by Ianiin Gaoke. The highlight of the competition.

However, in December 2017, Ianiin Hi-Tech said he would withdraw the lawsuit against the aforementioned illegal increase.

Ianiin Hi-Tech said in a statement that there is no clear legal provision on the effect of the unlawful increase in ownership of joint stock companies and civil liability for unlawfully increasing ownership of companies on the list and the combination of existing case law with similar cases of companies on A-list. The company decided to withdraw the case after a comprehensive review.

It is important to note that as a "latecomer" in the war of fairness Ianiin High Tech, Dabei Nong had no transfer.

Announced notice by Ianiin shows that after Sinochem became the largest shareholder (holding of 21.50%), Dabei Nong became the second largest shareholder of Ianiin High Tech, with a share of 14.17%. Zhang Kin is the third largest shareholder with a 8.26% stake, and Jia Guilan is the fourth largest shareholder with a 7.73% stake.

So far, Dabei Nong has not publicly expressed his view on this capital change.

Main report from Beijing Nevs, Zhao Iibo, editor, Iue Caizhou, correction, Li Ming

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