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Is this still known Manchester United? No bus, no brains, but there is Barcelona! – Manchester United, Mourinho, Charles, goal, this season – Netease Sports


2018-12-23 05:51:26 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on December 23:

Manchester United's 5-1 press conference in Cardiff City, the first sentence of Coach Cardiff Warner is that journalists are asked: "Can you see if it's Manchester United?" Depressed, it can also reflect the difference between Solskjæer Manchester United and Mourinho, Van Gaal, Moes's Manchester United: without a brain, without a negative defense, without a big tactic to kill the time, Barcelona's outburst The underlying style, the attack has the feeling of running water.

Manchester United has 74.2%, and scored 5 goals in 17 shots, and the scene completely suppresses Cardiff City, it's normal to score 5 goals. These data are typical of Manchester City's data (Manchester City earlier won in Cardiff 5-0), but now appeared in the Manchester United game.

The five goals Manchester United, the most satisfied Manchester United fans, is the third goal, a delicate co-operation between Marshall, Bogbe and Lingard broke the entire line of defense in Cardiff: Ma Xiao In the middle of the court, the ball passed, and Bogba scored a goal from the front of the penalty area, and Lingard pushed the ball into the penalty area, and Marshall hit the ball and directly faced the goalkeeper. Such a sporting battle is working with the land, and people can see the shadows of Barcelona and Manchester City. This goal is obviously a tactical practice in training. Such cooperation is almost not in the Mourinho era.

This Manchester United can play a wonderful offensive football, although there are factors like Bogba and Martial who attacked the players after Mourinho, but the loan of the new Solskjar coach is also very big. Basically, he changed the Mourinho tactical system. Offer offensive players more freedom and space to play, so players can play, for example, the third goal of Manchester United, left-wing winger Marshall moves to the right-hand position in the middle of the field and takes the ball, if it is Mourinho, Marshall is a good attack and Do not worry about the left side of the defense, even if it scored the ball can be criticized.

Two figures are a good illustration of Solskjaer's tactical changes, one is a racing team, and the other is the sprint time of the team. In Mourinho's 17 matches in the Premier League this season, Manchester United crossed just against the opponent for Fulham's game, but in Fulham's 68th minute, only Manchester United Over 160 meters, if Fulham is not penalized then Manchester United is definitely still behind . In this game, Manchester United was running more than 2 kilometers from Cardiff City in the halftime, and the crowd surpassed Cardiff City for 5 kilometers.

In the sprint number, Mourinho trained 17 Premier League matches 15 times less than opponents, this game is Manchester United 119 times considerably ahead of Cardiff City 99 times. It's because of the constant running and running that Manchester United can have a fast and smooth match to penetrate the defense of the city of Cardiff. If it still runs and runs like in the Mourinho era, it faces the iron of the city of Cardiff. In a row of barrels, only the passage to the high ball was found by Fellaini. Mourinho era lasts and accelerates less Many people think that players do not work hard.

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