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Lakers begin to communicate by telephone, and the magician hands over five trading plans

Original title: Lakers start phone communication The magician hands out five transaction plans

The time in Beijing on February 1, from a report by the famous ESPN journalist Adrian Vinnalovsky, informed sources said Lakers and the management team at the negotiations on transactions Anthony Davis Telephone communication.

According to the source, it is expected that the two sides will again communicate before the deadline for trading on February 7th.

Los Angeles Times reporter Brad Turner announced that he received a report that President Lakers' Magic Johnson handed over five trading plans to General Manager Dale Demps, awaiting Response Team Leadership.

It has been announced that one of the five trading schemes includes Langzo Bauer, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubates and the first round of the future.

The ESPN beauty magazine, Ramona Sherburn, said she was told that next to LeBron James, the first person in the current league, no one in the Lakers team was out for sale.

In fact, before communicating with Lakers, Demps picked up the phone and exchanged ideas with other teams. In Shen he found that the current team plan is long in relation to the plan, which is the postponement of the Eight Eyebrow transaction.

The present team head enthusiastically holds the high flag of the small city, blocking every opportunity to allow James and Emmey to join in Los Angeles. That is, if thick eyebrows want to become Lakers, in the summer of 2020, wear a purple golden shirt as a free agent.

Celtics and other competitors learn that the intention of a thick eyebrow is that if it is traded with a non-Lakers team, it will finish the remaining season in the contract and then join Lakers in the off-season of 2020. Team.

Shen also said that the cricket team also continues to explore the trading value of players such as Nikola Mirotic, Julius Randall and Etovan Moore. And as the trading date approaches, Rich Eies really plans to play again for cricket, he wants to play in the All-Star game.

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