Friday , January 27 2023

Liu Shishi was born in the last 3 months, in a red dress, stomach, micro-long


  1. Liu Shishi was exposed for three months in pregnancy and wore a red skirt and a small stomach.
  2. Vu Kilong's mother confirmed Liu Shishi for five months: the whole family is very happy | Liu Shishi | Pregnancy | Vu Kilong Sina
  3. Liu Shishi confirmed pregnancy. Vu Kilong will be the father – Entertainment Sin Chev Daili
  4. 48-year-old Vu Kilong is dad. Liu Shishi will be born in May next year.
  5. Vu Kilong officially announces the good news of Liu Shishi pregnancy: rejoicing for new family members | Liu Shishi | Vu Kilong | pregnancy of the Son
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