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Nanhai "90s" won the best international award for the actress – International Film Festival, own, said, the other, canton – Nanfang Daili


2018-12-21 17:01:18 Source: Nanfang Daili

Nanhai "post-90s" won the best international actress
Film about "Spring" films is scheduled for next March

"It is especially wonderfully weird: March is the time when the spring bloom, and we will be springtime with the audience of the country" through the spring, "everything is fine!" Huang Vei, the heroine "Over Spring", said. On December 19, the reporter learned from the Spring team that the film would meet with the audience on March 8, 2019.

Huang Vei is Nanhai girl "post-90s" who graduated from Nanhai Experimental High School. At the second international film festival Pingiao held earlier, she won the best actress award for her film "On the Spring" and became the first best actress born in the South China Sea after the international 90s film festival. Film "Over Spring" won the best film "Fei Mu Honor" of the second international film festival Pingiao.

"Her vitality and vitality shine on the screen, and her interpretation of the character is sharp and real. It allows us to understand how the younger generation passes this comprehensive, complex new world." The judges commented on the 2nd Pingiao International Film Festival. In the direction of "Spring" Bai Ksuekin, Huang Vei "is really genius", the eyes will work, suitable for the big screen.

Last year, Huang Wei graduated from the Chinese Opera, the first time she took on the role of "Women No. 1". Bai Xue once said in a media interview that the process of selecting actors is very difficult. Lines also require Cantonese and Mandarin. "While Huang Vei grew up in Nanhai, Foshan speaks Cantonese, and Mandarin is also very good. She has the characteristics of the actors she needs in the film."

Bai Xue said that Huang Ki waited six months from the start of contact with Huang Ki to the film. For the past six months, Huang Ki watched the script, so the scene was never taken off the scene, all in mind. "Because if I did not choose Pepe well and did not do well, the movie has failed, and the audience can enjoy this girl after watching her, it's her personal charm," said Bai Xue.

It was reported that "Spring" was shortlisted for the 69th Berlin International Film Festival Generation Nev Generation Unit, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the crew will go to Germany and Hong Kong to participate in the film festival from February to March 2019. Earlier "Spring" was also shortlisted for the 43rd International Film Festival in Toronto and won the "Honor" at the 43rd Toronto International Film Festival.

■ Introduction to "Through Spring"

The whole film starts from the perspective of the female actor Pepe, Pepe is typically "one child", and her father is a relative of Hong Kong and has her family in Hong Kong. She was born in Hong Kong, took the status of Hong Kong, studied in Hong Kong, but lived and lived in Shenzhen. Due to the conflict of identity, she had to lead between the two cities.

One side is a confusion of life, and the other is identification of identity, showing the helplessness and shame of a particular group of "individual non-" and "double non-". Occasionally, in order to realize the desire to go to Japan to see the snow with me, and for my sense of existence, she opened the way to a young adventure. Since then, her life has quietly changed …

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