Friday , April 16 2021

Scientists find evidence of asteroid impact 430,000 years ago in Antarctica-Scientific Exploration-cnBeta.COM

An international research team led by scientists from the University of Kent and Imperial College London has discovered in Antarctica particles derived from aliens that indicate the impact of medium-sized asteroids on the continent.Researchers believe the crash occurred about 430,000 years ago, and the particles were discovered at the top of Valnamfjellette in Queen Maud’s country, in eastern Antarctica.


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The discovered particles are called condensed spheres, which indicates that an asteroid at least 100 meters in diameter hit the ice sheet at high speed 430,000 years ago. The impact caused an explosion, creating a stream of molten and evaporated meteorite material, which was scattered and deposited on the Antarctic ice sheet. The author of the research paper stated that this is an important finding in geological records because there is very little evidence of such events.

The scarcity of evidence is mainly due to difficulties in identifying and describing impact particles. Researchers say they are pretty sure that human ancestors did not witness the explosion. The co-author of the research report, Dr. Matthew Genger, said that an asteroid or comet the size of only a few tens of meters explodes at low altitude, and its energy can be similar to the energy of a nuclear explosion, measured in megatons. Asteroids that explode in low-altitude atmospheres are more common than asteroids that produce craters, but they are the hardest to spot in advance.

This time the fragments were tested from the mountain by analyzing a very small amount of different chemical elements. The researchers found a high nickel content and unique oxygen signals in the debris, which allows them to determine the approximate date of the impact and highlight the extraterrestrial nature of the recovered particles. Team scientists also believe that this study emphasizes the importance of reassessing the threat posed by medium-sized asteroids. The impact of this magnitude will be very devastating over a large area.

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