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Seventy percent of respondents complained about the goods and expressed regret that men complained of a higher percentage


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Many people spend a lot of money at the festival "Double 11" and I can not use it for a long time. Copy items not only occupy space in the house, but also reduce the comfort of life. It will also cause waste after the expiry date. Do you like to plunge?

Last week, a poll conducted by the China Iouth Daili Social Survei Center in a survey of respondents from 2017 showed that 84.5% of respondents had cheaper purchases at the Double 11, daily household use, clothing, footwear, hats and products Maternity are the most common categories of people. 73.3% of respondents admitted that they had experience with regret after selling goods, and men had a higher percentage of respondents. Before the e-commerce shopping festival, 83.3% of respondents said they were quieter than before. 70.5% of respondents proposed to make a good shopping list and spend it in the planned way.

Respondents love everyday items for household, clothing, footwear, hats and maternity

Liu Tian (pseudonym), a young female student of radio and television at the School of Journalism at Renmin University in China, campaigns at an e-commerce festival each year. "The last time I spent the cost of living, mostly due to some daily needs. This year, twice on Sunday 11/11, I went online to see the preferred methods and strengths."

Chu Iue, a junior at the School of Large Data and Software at Chongking University, probably sold three or four times a year. "One year in November, I will add things that I want to buy in the shopping basket, students will also discuss and recommend each other, and I especially save money for this time." Chu Iue said that among his colleagues there are people. Since I got the goods, I did not have the time to get a courier. In the dormitory I stood a lot.

According to the survey, 84.5% of respondents smashed goods at the "Double 11" festival. An interactive analysis showed that the proportion of men smuggled products (88.1%) was higher than in women (84.8%). 83.0% of respondents said that there are a lot of people who want to pick up goods through the e-commerce platform, and 19.7% of respondents said there are many. The most common category of people are households (63.0%), clothing and footwear (52.0%) and maternity and children products (45.0%), including: food and beverages (37.2%), luggage and jewelery (34.5%) and Audio-visual books (8.8%), etc.

Xue Haibo, associate professor at the Business School at the East China University, said there are many types of motivation for spending. Some people have pre-positive factors, such as weight loss planning, although some of the clothing does not fit now, but some people have pre-positive factors, such as weight loss planning, although some do not fit in, but the future can fit, it will cause consumption. "He said that the cause of consumer decision making is diverse, during a buying festival, People can be motivated by the price factor.

70.5% of respondents suggested that they prepare a list for purchasing and plan for consumption in advance

Chu Iue once took a box of masks at a shopping festival and has not used it so far. "There are many times impulse shopping, and now I have lots of faces at the shopping festival."

"Many things are cheap to buy and try. In fact, they do not work at all." Liu Tian said she did not capture her favorite clothing during the Double 11 festival, and she did not want to give up on the discount and buy other models. The result is not yet open.

In the survey, 73.3% of the respondents admitted that they had experienced harassment after being born stolen. An interactive analysis showed that the percentage of men who complained about the goods (75.9%) was higher than those women (70.8%). Before the e-commerce shopping festival, 83.3% of respondents said they were quieter than before.

What do people think about buying goods at a shopping festival? According to the survey, 58.8% of respondents consider that saving more time and effort, 51.3% of respondents think it is cheaper to buy and save money, and 49.2% of respondents consider it is not enough. Waste, 33.3% of the respondents said that the collection of goods occupied the home space, affecting the quality of life, 23.9% of the respondents considered that the impulse for the purchase of unwanted goods was in fact a "loss".

Chu Iue believes that people, before the purchase festival, consume rationally, but also clear their eyes, and not deceive them with some promotional traps.

Liu Tian believes that setting up a shopping festival is perfect and rewarding consumers. People need to think about what they need in advance and spend less money for better shopping.

How Should Consumers Treat Shopping E-Commerce Festivals? In the survey, 70.5% of respondents suggested a pre-purchase list with planned spending, 60.6% of respondents proposed a consumer impulse limit, only buying what is really needed, and 59.4% of respondents think they should be based at their own level of consumption. In buying moderation, 32.2% of respondents believe that they should be rational and would not be desirable due to "small and cheap eating big losses".

Xue Haibo said it is more likely that consumers will be exposed to more goods through the e-commerce platform, and must be more rational. "Consumer spending data at the shopping festival reflects that our consumers have some consumer power, and it also shows that the e-commerce platform has gradually been accepted by the consumer, but at the same time many people are criticizing the quality of the e-commerce platform and if the brand's discount is very low, and everyone will doubt its quality.Therefore, a good brand should use the quality of the product, image of the brand, emotions, values, etc. To attract consumers and win the brand awareness of the consumer.With regards to the perspective, how to make a good brand nd and use brands to attract consumers, I think that is the direction of future development, but there is still much room for improvement. "

Among the respondents who participated in the survey, 49.3% were men and 50.7% were women. Respondents living in first-class cities accounted for 27.4%, second-tier cities constituted 52.1%, third-and fourth-grader cities accounted for 18.2%, towns or cities in the surrounding area 2.0%, and rural areas with 0 , 3%.

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