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Mourinho, who finished the class, said for the first time that he was very proud of the Manchester United camp logo on the first day since joining Manchester United, but in a short interview with Ski Sports, he has since been out of touch with Manchester United.

After Mourinho was fired, he issued a statement hoping to live a normal life before returning to football and he would respect Manchester United. (Photo: AFP)

(UK, London, 20). Mourinho, who finished his class for the first time, said he was very proud of the Manchester United logo on the first day since joining Manchester United, but he accepted the sky. In a brief interview with Sport, he stressed that he and Manchester United still have nothing to do with him.

After class, Mu Shuai returned to London and received a brief interview with Ski Sports on the street, stressing that he still has a future in football. "We can talk a lot of good things, some may not be that good, but it's not my way to do things.) It's over, Manchester United has a future without me, and my future is no longer tied to Manchester United and it's all over."

On the street he entered an interview for the attack, the lunatic did not want to speak anymore, he said: "Do you talk more, why do I want to share my feelings?" Even if I talk to fans, I talk about all the feelings of me, until I get back. The football circuit, I think I have the right to have my life, just like now, that's what I want, Manchester United is a past. "

I do not like talking about details about classes

Mu Shuai is no longer ready to talk about classroom details: "This is how I worked all the time, I criticized other trainers, they always talk about it, they talk about what happened, details about it, who should be responsible, etc. But this is not my way. "

After that, Mu Shuai issued a personal statement and added a statement in the previous statement: "I am very proud of Manchester United's first day in the team camp, I believe that all fans of Manchester United will agree with this." Like the club he had previously trained, I work with many exceptional people and I believe that many people will be my lifelong friends.

I know you all understand my professional standards. Whenever the training session ends, I will respect and will not comment on my colleagues. I hope the media can respect my attitude and allow me to return to normal life until I decide to return to football. Merry Christmas. "

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