Sunday , January 29 2023

The Chinese team lost to Indonesia 0: 3 and missed the Thomas Cup championship-News-Chinese news


  1. The Chinese team lost to Indonesia 0: 3, missed the champion Thomas Cup-Chinanevs.comChina News Network
  2. In the Tang Cup final, Shi Yuki missed Lu Guangzu’s favorite and was knocked downSon
  3. Tang Cup China 3-1 turns Japan up to enter final, Shi Yuki loses men’s doubles and catches two points jkknevsMobile NetEase
  4. [Томс Цуп]3-0 victory over defending champion China and Indonesia to win Thomas Cup for the 14th time SportMalaysia Oriental Daily
  5. Su Cup’s victory is forgotten, Shi Yuki withdrew and scolded – continue if you canSon
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