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The first year of films of Chinese science fiction should agree on the basis of science – Earth, Liu Cikin, this film, practical action, goes well – Science and Technology

2019-02-01 02:31:19 Source: Technologi Daili

Vang Zhong

"To a certain extent, the ability of the public to accept the work of science fiction is also a manifestation of the level of literacy of social sciences. There is expectation and longing for the future of science and technology, and there is a natural motivation and a tendency for current scientific innovation. to get the first year of Chinese sci-fi films, in fact, instead of interfering in which year, it is better to take every step and take real actions to promote the development of local science fiction.

The sci-fi movie "The Wandering Land" has not yet been released and has provoked a fierce debate in the field of public opinion. Some fans of science fiction films who watched in advance reflected that the film exceeds expectations and is highly recommended on social networks. At the furious spring festival at the box office, Vandering Earth is expected to become a dark horse.

Literature on science fiction fantasy and film and television, as a unique category in the field of artistic creativity, are gaining increasing attention in recent years. Unlike purely literary fiction, the imagination of science fiction is based on true science. Many of the scientific fantasies of the predecessors have been confirmed several times: human beings have scientific fantasies, and later they have inventions and creations, and science-fiction works are often prophecies for the future.

The "Land of Wanderers", edited by the novel of science fiction, by Liu Cikin, speaks of the destruction of the sun, the search for a new home by humanity and the construction of huge propellers on the surface of the earth. Although the background of this story sounds a bit alarming, it does not happen forever. Not only does the Sun as the star have its own inherent life cycle, it is already Earth itself in the universe, and it is quite possible to face a variety of devastating blows from the universe. The importance of science fiction lies in reminding people to plan ahead and to think about the deepest proposals regarding the future of mankind.

It should be acknowledged that, compared with the international advanced level, the overall level of development of science fiction creation in China still needs to be improved. Domestic scientists are imaginary for a long time, but ignore the scientific side, while science fiction is literary, but obviously there is a lack of scientific level. In recent years, Liu Cikin, Hao Jingfang and other outstanding science fiction writers have won international awards, suggesting that local science fiction literature has finally reached the level of great science fiction.

Literature on science fiction and science fiction film and television are also an important measure of the country's cultural soft power. In Hollywood blockbusters, sci-fi films have always been an important category that can not be ignored, and in film series with a global ranking of boxing revenue, "Avatar" and "Jurassic War" have sci-fi attributes, and "Interstellar Crossing" "Hard core "science fiction films such as gravity are also welcome in the global market.

Accordingly, science fiction film and television have more demands for the production of the film and television industry. The reason why in the past there were few good works in domestic films is that many works with a science fiction flag are only unrealistic, they are aliens who come to Earth and spill over with a strong wind in a hut. The important reason is that the development of domestic film and television industry is weak. . Today, the domestic film and television industry is gradually approaching the advanced world level, and increasingly learns from the developed countries and carries out global cooperation, which has created the conditions for the production of hardcore movies of science fiction such as Vandering Earth.

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