Friday , April 16 2021

The look of the sun’s masculinity long lost on the street to sing the famous song “In the spring” Rising Sun Masculine in spring

The rising sun is a man's long-lost fitThe rising sun is a man’s long-lost fit

Sina Entertainment News Recently, Netizen published a video about a male sunburst on the account of a social platform. In the video, Liu Gang played the guitar, and Wang Xu held the microphone to sing the famous song of the two of them “In the spring”, which attracted many viewers. When the two of them performed, the equipment on the spot was very simple, only a red speaker was randomly placed on the table, and there was a black speaker at the base.

It is reported that the masculinity of the sun became popular because of the cover of the movie “In the Spring”. In 2010, the two of them participated in “Avenue of Stars” and won second place in the annual finals.

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