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The market is merciless. Only 5 million yuan sold in 3 days, and Vu Quiubo was not released! _ Eastern Fortune Netvork




The "sentimental" man was supposed to collapse, and Vu Xiubo made the film he was playing.

Because he was concerned that Wu Xiubo and his "ex-girlfriend" Rashomon will continue to ferment, and thus have a greater impact on the film, or even unable to release, on January 21 afternoon, "Love St. 2" originally scheduled for " Spring Festival ". Suddenly, the time of the release will be shifted until the evening of 24 January.

But the market is cruel and the audience is real. From the 21st to the present, the pre-sale of "Love 2" was less than 5 million yuan.

It's only a day since the film was officially released.Today (January 23rd), the movie "Love 2" official suddenly decided: to disarm!

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"Love 2" was released the day before its release

Today, the person in charge of the propaganda party "Love St. 2" has released a poster for the release in the circle of friend VeChat, a poster with the text "Thanks to peers, I'll see you in the future".

Image source: screenshot of a friend's circle

Due to a reason for the cancellation, the publisher of Huakia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. stated in an official document, "NowAt the request of the film, the publication period will be delayed due to technical problems."

What is the "technical problem" that led to the removal of the file?

Will there be such a rumor that Vu Xiubo will play to replace Vang Kianiuan or Zhang Jia translation?

Journalist Daili Ekonomije tried to contact Li Ning, director of Fang Xinli, the main producer of "Love 2", but the phone was never answered. Cao Huaii, president of Xinli Media, told Daili Economics journalist he did not understand the specificity of the film.

Pre-sale less than 5 million,The theater has begun procedures for compensating and refunding money

"Love St." initially had the hope of becoming a good IP. The first part of "Love St." published on December 30, 2016 broke into "New Year's Day" with the position of "black horse", and the 17-day cashier was over 500 million. There are theaters that extend the lead to the spring festival.

A great performance gave the film the confidence to make an effort. Cat Eie Professional Edition shows that behind Love Stories there are only seven companies, and the number of "Love St. 2" has increased to 13. Male and female stars "Love St. 2" also "upgraded" Xiao Iang and Ian Ni in Vu Xiubo and Bai Baihe, while Xiao Iang, Kiao Shan, Xi Rui, Wang Xun and Dai Lele also joined.

However, the pre-sale cash box "Love St. 2" did not show up well. Cat Eie Professional Edition shows that at this time, the pre-sales cash box "Love St. 2" on the first day of the screening (January 24th) of 2.86 million yuan, calculated on the 35-yuan movie ticket, only about 80,000 people gathered much . Movie Laughing Star pays an invoice.From the afternoon of 23rd, the pre-sales cash box "Love 2" did not exceed 5 million yuan.

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A number of theater managers told daily economic reporters that they are already in the process of returning and compensating. "Due to the hasty change in the past, we did not have much "Love 2", so the theater was not much affected."

For film emergency files and emergency evacuation, the theater is also very helpless. A hospital line manager who did not want to be named said, "This kind of species can not be hunted, now it's the first task to satisfy consumers and not allow them to suffer losses."

The other head of the theater team said: "The reason given by the film is for technical reasons.It is reasonable to say that this is a force majeure and it is not good to seek compensation."

Xinli Media is still facing a gambling agreement Vanda film "baby"

People Wu Xiubo "Love St." could not be established, and broke down many producers and distribution companies behind "Love St. 2".

Among them, the main investment company Xinli Media is a veteran film and television production company. Behind the comedies "Charlotte Trouble" and "Shameful Tekken", there are new media. After the wave of IPO failure in 2018, Xinli Media is dedicated to Tencent and the Reading Group.

Cooperation between Xinli Media and Vu Xiubo is not limited to "Love 2", and Vu Ksiubo's Khorgos Cultural Co-Production TV Series "Awaiting for Life" already appeared in Zhejiang Satellite TV and the Oriental TV investment promotion conference, and is expected that it will be launched this year.

It is important to note that Xinli Media still has an agreement on gambling.When Xinli Media sold its products at a high price of 15.5 billion, it promised that net profit for the third year in a row from 2018 to 2020 should not be less than 500 million yuan, 700 million yuan or 900 million people.Otherwise, cash and actions that the read group pays to Xinli Media will be reduced.

In addition, participants of "Love St. 2" also included Vanda Films. Vandino's participation in "Love 2" was 10% in the "Report on the Issue of Shares for the Purchase of Funds and Related Transactions", published by the company in November last year.

Vu Xiubo's business map is also very extensive.

According to Tiankue, there are 12 companies known as Vu Ksiubo, which include film and television production, mediation of artists, hotels, restaurants and so on. In addition, Vu Ksiubo is a company on the list of happy blue oceans and modern landmarksShareholder. The rejection of "Love 2" further reduced Wu Xiubo's social reputation, and since the end of the 23rd, the modern Oriental has plummeted to 4.69 yuan, down from 0.42%.

Vu Ksiub's lawyer, a lawyer from the Xitian Film and Television, said when he received his former girlfriend Chen Iulin's parents Wu Xiubub.Chen Iulina's behavior caused a loss of at least one billion yuan Vu Xiubo and Xitian film.

Ironically, Vu Ksiubo's latest Veibo is still on the propaganda of the movie "Love 2", with the words "New Year's Day".

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