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There was another "inner spirit" of Manchester United? A suspicious scam refused to appear for Mu Shuai! Madman returns right after class – Manchester United, Liverpool, Mourinho, Ghost, no – Stars Madrid


2018-12-21 01:28:12 Source: Star Iao Madrid

Original name: Another "inner spirit" of Manchester United? A suspicious scam refused to appear for Mu Shuai! Madman returns immediately after class

In a flashlight, Mourinho left Manchester United for two days. Each class of "crazies" will always cause a lot of controversy, this time in Manchester United is no exception. After Bogba and Martial, the other general Manchester United were questioned by the media as a "ghost" for the controversial move. He's Luke Shav.

Manchester United, left-hander Luke Shaw, who was hit by high marks and struck a battle card, returned to training after the class. In the first training of the class Mu Shuai, the international representative of England did not hesitate to bring the lucky thumbs to the reporter. He was naturally in a good mood and it was a big controversy.

The British media, Daili Mail, discovered that Luke Shaw had not been hurt earlier, only suspected of using a "scam" to boycott Mourinho. "Mail" revealed that on December 8th Manhajm training for the Fulham Fulham match, Luke Shav launched an initiative to withdraw from the match for the return, and the move completely upset Mu Shuai. .

So, in the next game against Valencia and Liverpool, Luke Shaw, who stabilized the main league at the start of the season, is completely abandoned. The Post even found that while Mu Shuai did not leave Old Trafford, he did not say a word to the general team.

After losing to Liverpool, Mourinho praised Linderhof, Damian, Ashlei Ioung and other players for injuries. The suspect was trying to deceive Luks Shoah's "scam". The other also said that it was not enough to show that Mu Shuai is enough to play football, which shows that the relationship between the two sides really reached the point where the situation is like fire.

Now that Muset officially leaves Manchester United, Luke Shaw can finally "inspect the day" and go back to Manchester United once again. Then, in the eyes of Mu Shuai's eyes, can he use extraordinary performance in the next game to prove that Mu Shuai really does not know how to use him? We'll wait and see each other.Go back to Soho and see more


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