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Tickets for Spring Festival 2019 will be available today, try "Buy Alternative Ticket" –


The tickets for the Spring Festival in 2019 are being sold today

If you can not get a ticket, you can try "buying an alternative card"

When the ticket is available for sale due to returns, changes, etc., the system automatically redeems the ticket and notifies the waiting passengers

Our reporter Vu Chongiuan correspondent Xu Venfeng

The annual spring season will come again. According to the plan, the Spring Festival 2019 will run from January 21 to March 1, 15 days before the festival and 25 days after the festival, a total of 40 days, 11 days before the Spring Festival 2018. It is expected that only the delta of the Yangtze River will send 74.7 million passengers during the spring festival, an increase of 5.5% over the previous year. The Railway Department is planning to open 251 passenger cars in order to meet the capacity to transport the passengers of the Spring Festival.

Pre-student student flow and work flow


According to the analysis of the railway department, the passenger traffic of the Railways of the spring festival in the region of the Yangtze River Delta in 2019 will consist of the basic flow, work flow, students flow, tourist flow and family visits, which will present three main characteristics:

First of all, traveling long distance travelers in traditional key directions such as Iungui and Chuanki will be launched in advance, but the time of the start of work is closer to traveling through the spring festival. Moreover, due to the time of the student vacation before going to the Spring Festival, most of the time the start of the school after the festival is after Lantern Festival. Therefore, at the beginning of the festival and the end of the festival, the student flow and work process are upgraded, and the third, the travel of the passengers at the spring festival is still relatively long, and the flow of passengers at the festival is maintained at a relatively low level, but the coastal direction such as Xiamen. Main tourist tip.

In order to meet the needs of passengers to return home as soon as possible, China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has arranged a total of 251 passenger trains based on the "1.5" new operating chart in 2019, based on regular passenger trains, of which direct passengers a long distance of 153 pairs, 98 pairs of short-haul passengers, providing as much capacity as possible for the spring festival.

In addition to opening passengers, the railway department will continue with the four van-off passenger trains, which are Nantong-Shijiazhuang K662 / 1, 1 pair, Suzhou ~ Iulin K1323 / 4 times 1 pair, Ningbo ~ Chongking K1248 / 7 times 1 Yes, Shanghai South ~ Huaihua K533 / 4 times a couple, the last two pairs of trains stopped in Hangzhou.

Next Thursday, "Alternative Purchase of Tickets"

Start a pilot

As for buying tickets, the Spring Festival 2019 also added many "bright spots". From Shanghai Railway Station of Shanghai Bureau Co., Ltd. The journalist learned that online and telephone reservations for the spring 2019 festival are available 30 days in advance, which means that today (December 23, 2018) you can buy the first day of the spring festival (2019 on the 21st of the month, a train card, the ticket window and sales outlets are still available for sale 28 days in advance.

According to the forecast of the Railway Department, during the spring of 2019, the 12306 railway (including the mobile phone client) will continue to play the role of the main channel of tickets, in order to make it easier for passengers to buy tickets online, the railway department optimizes the process of purchasing tickets and purchases maps in the rail network 12306. The Scanned User Reporting feature reduces invalid clicks. At the same time, in response to the problem of "tricky" verification code in previous years, the verification code strategy is further optimized to minimize the occurrence of verification codes for travelers in the process of purchasing tickets.

The highlight of the upgrade of the online train map feature is the launch of an "alternative shopping cart" pilot.

What is "buying an alternative card"?

According to the railway department, passengers who buy tickets on the railway website (including mobile phone users) can submit their own tickets for purchasing tickets, and after the subscription card, the ticket system automatically arranges candidates for online waiting. When a sales card is generated for return, change, etc., the system automatically downloads and informs passengers. From next Thursday (December 27th), the Railway Department will select a part of trains at great distances with some of the spring transport capacities to implement pilot projects. Pilots are: Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangdong, all trains in Sichuan and Chongqing, after the festival, Sichuan and Chongqing, and all trains in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangdong.

When choosing an alternative car rental service, each user can submit one candidate order, and one order can add two adjacent driving dates with the same station (there may be different stations in the same city), every driving date You can add 2 different "travel combinations" + " seats, and for each standby you can book 3 tickets.

Advance payment for the purchase card is calculated according to the order, and each advance payment is calculated according to the highest amount of tickets in different combined order requirements (the dorm is calculated according to the selling price). When a user successfully purchases a card, if the advance exceeds the actual amount of the card, the system will automatically restore the balance. The Alternative Maps service does not add any additional fees, which is more appealing than the "acceleration billing" package of some webpage collection sites.

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