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2018-12-21 05:25:16 Source: Kianjiang Evening Nevs

"Vulin Monster" Chen Ksuedong happiness on the face will send happiness

Jiaking's VeChat circle of friends will soon be reviewed by Chen Ksuedong! At 13:45 on December 21, SFC Shanghai Film Studio (Jiaking Gossip Store) entered "Vulin Monster" Chen Ksuedong after the meeting

New film by Liu Veikianga "Vulin Monsters" recently published a poster of "failure", the stars are an imposing and financial explosion. Chen Ksuedong and Zhou Dongiu, who play the brothers and sisters in the film, are constantly watching each other. Plastic brothers and sisters destroyed Vei Ia. In addition, there are even larger pieces for coffee, Bell, Wang Taili, Pan Binlong, Kong Lianshun and others have gathered for the laugh of film plus a code. As the best choice for a family film, "Vulin Monster" will be announced at the state level on December 21st.

On the day of the release, in addition to watching movies, the SFC's Jiaking Gossip Store can also face Chen Ksuedong. Chen Ksuedong will contact the fans on the spot to send luck! From the debut of "Little Times", Chen Ksuedong gets a lot of attention. Although the works have good offices and ratings, the super high emotional intelligence in various shows has also been a lot of dust, but he is trying new challenges. This time, he took over the burden and contested the new role of "divided personality". People are looking forward to his great performance!

The film has filled the national audience with expectations, and it is believed that it will lead the film market in the Christmas market and bring joy to everyone, and it will be "luck" for this year's Christmas.

Ksu Chao / Ven

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