Sunday , January 29 2023

A play for which Neymar congratulated Vilmar Barrios


Most of the things he did Vilmar Barrios with The choice of Colombia They should have applauded, but there was one in particular Neimar Jr. in the end he congratulated him. He approached him to tell him personally.

It was about the 40th minute. Vilmar Barrios managed to get out of danger with quality: He passed the ball between his legs Fred!! A quality game that received praise a few seconds later Neimar.

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That action was quickly completed after the tunnel was up Fred, Jefferson Lerma gave the ball Juanfer Kuintero and they committed an offense against him. Eder Militao threw on the floor. The judge whistled and that was at that moment Neimar Jr. took the opportunity to approach Vilmar Barrios. Something told him and eventually hugged him.

It was a sample of talent with which Cartagena received praise and which is being viralized on social networks. Is that his thing in the middle of the field The choice of Colombia it was extraordinary in this game and there are already a few of them. He deserved all kinds of recognition for his performance. He was also praised in this game by former ESPN footballer and commentator, Diego Latorre.

At the age of 27 and present in Russian football FC Zenit, Vilmar Barrios live a great moment in The choice of Colombia. It is one of the fixed ones in every call, and also in the titular formations. What he used to do Fred that’s a sample of why.

The luxury of Vilmar Barrios and congratulations to Neimar

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