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Alejandro Pizano, the son of the case witness Odebrecht who died of cyanide – Investigacion – Justicia


The Chapel of the Modern Gymnasium was this scene on Wednesday at the funeral of young architect Alejandro Pizán Ponce de León, who died last Saturday afternoon after eating a flavored drink at a family farm in Subachokueu (Cundinamarca).

Tens of his followers followed the casket in absolute secrecy and after his mother's statement: "Regarding the tragic death of my son, Alejandro Pizano Ponce de Leon, the authorities have categorized their death as a murder that needs to be clarified"

One of his relatives said that on July 31, Alejandro traveled to Colombia after being told of the death of his father, Jorge Enrikue Pizano, the controller of the consortium Ruta del Sol S.A., who suffered from pancreatic cancer.

"Alejandro was very noble, he put everything in his heart. He was very humorous, human, simple and very dedicated to his family, "said Miguel Samper, a relative of the deceased and son of former President Ernest Samper.

According to his family members, Alejandro studied at Los Andes and Javieriana and went to Bogota's design office. But from the beginning of the year, he decided to move to Spain, where he completed his postgraduate studies.

"I recently returned from traveling to France and For four months he worked as an elder architect at a company in Barcelona under the name BMLD, but his passion was photography and film, "said a close friend.

He recently returned from a trip to France and for four months he was an elderly architect at a company in Barcelona called BMLD

He added that while Alejandro Pizano was in constant contact with his family, the news of his father's death surprised him, as well as other friends.

He also said that one of the people who took the suitcase was a reputable businessman Dario Gomez Jaramillo, chairman of Interdemocratic committee Caldas and father of Pizana's wife Ponce de Leon, who is five months pregnant.

"Everyone is beaten up and they prefer to isolate themselves. they cooperate with the investigation of the death of Horges, the alleged heart attack and Alejo"added a friend.

The only one who talked about what happened was one of the three daughters of Pizano, who said his brother came to the farm to walk past his father's last steps and after putting shoes and his clothes on, he tried a bottle of water that was open on the table, containing cyanide.

"We are destroyed by these news and we want to quickly find out what happened, to do justice, we can not open an investigation without a conclusion," said former President Samper at a funeral.

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