Friday , June 2 2023

AMS reduces forecasts, another sign of low demand for the iPhone


VIENNA – Austrian company AMS, which produces facial recognition technology, has become the latest Apple operator to reduce revenue forecasts, adding growing evidence that the latest iPhones are not selling well.

The group listed in Switzerland reduced its revenue forecast for the fourth quarter by 15% and reduced its mid-term goals, blaming "recent changes in the search for an important customer".

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AMS, which specializes in sensors, did not specify whether the buyer is Apple, but analysts estimate that the American giant represents 40% of the sales of the Austrian group.

Apple surprised investors two weeks ago, with a sales forecast lower than expected for a quarter that includes Christmas, leading to suppliers such as the US company Lumentum, the British manufacturer of the IKE chip and the Japan Displai screen maker. warnings that indicate a weakness in the new iPhone sales.

Like Lumentum, AMS supplies Apple with the necessary software components for its FaceID technology.

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However, the English-German designer of the Dialog Semiconductor chip, which reached an agreement with the US $ 600 million deal last month, sent another message when it was said later on Wednesday that it did not anticipate a drop in demand for Apple

The dialogue justified this claim, pointing out that it is a supplier for many other products from the latest iPhones.

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Last year, most investors were willing to ignore stagnation in iPhones sales, as average sales prices continued to rise. But Apple is now facing fierce competition with average phone prices from manufacturers such as Ksiaomi Corp.

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