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Bayern Munich beat James AEK Athens in Champions League – International Football – Sport


Colombian was not part of the Champions League. The goals were from Levandovsky.

Bayern Munchen

Bayern Munchen won the Champions League.

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November 7, 2018, 6:13 pm

Bayern Munich is one step away from the last 16 Champions League after defeating Athens at 2: 0 in AEK on Wednesday, both by Polish Robert Levandovski (31 penalties and 71).

The relationship between Benfica and Ajax in the second game of group E (1-1) prevents the classification of the Germans, which lead the key with 10 points, by 8 goalkeepers and 4 from Lusos.

"We have made a step forward, but there are things to improve, although this victory was very important for self-confidence," scorer Levandovski said after the match. German coach Niko Kovač agreed with his player: "They were not fireworks, but we did not even expect them. At those moments, nothing is easy for us and every victory costs us a lot. "

The German team showed in the first part that this is not in the best shape, although the difference with the Greeks was enormous. The first chance for the goal was however for AEK, in the corner that Vasilios Lampropoulos finished too (5) and Bayern replied with goalkeeper Leo Goretz in a further post saved by goalkeeper Vasilios Barkas (7).

Despite clear German domination, the local population could not open points until the end of the half hour of the game, in the penalty for the striker in Levandovski who transformed the Polish striker himself (31). – Confirmation before "Classics".

Baiern could, before the break, increase the result, but the Thomas Muller's cross turned down a defender to crash into the tree when Barkas was already beaten (36). The dynamics of the game did not change after the break, and Barkas returned to save his team at a high speed to the spectacular goal of Goretz (55).

The one who did not return to pardon was Levandovski, that he hunted the corner in another tree and wrote with the right to condemn the German victory (72). Triumph will give confidence to the team of Nika Kovacs to face the weekend with Borussia Dortmund, the Bundesliga leader, in the "Klassiker" of German football.


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