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Diseases to be kept in mind if you are traveling overseas at Main Nevs of Colombia Radio Santa Fe 1070 hours


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Traveling abroad, getting to know new places and contacting cultures different from one's own has become one of the favorite activities for young people and adults. Because each country is so diverse and unique, it is important to identify which destination identifies each passenger and who is ready to visit.

Food, customs, climate, or language are some of the factors that come into play when defining each destination. However, something that many tourists forget is to review the demographics of areas and requirements for entry into the country, many places need previous vaccines to avoid illness and possible disasters.

ComparaOnline provides the following recommendations for avoiding illness while traveling overseas:

Yellow fever: This viral disease can be transmitted through infected mosquitoes in tropical and humid areas, thus preventing it from being a key to a safe and peaceful journey. Many countries already require a yellow fever vaccine, if not, entry to the country may be limited.

The vaccination certificate is required at the entrance to countries such as Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, among others. Brazil does not need vaccination, but recommends its prevention, because it is a tropical destination for a possible infection. If you travel to Australia, China, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, yellow fever vaccine will be required. Like most places in Africa.

In order to avoid this situation, it is important to vaccinate at least 10 days before the start of the journey. In Colombia, the vaccine is completely free, so you can access authorized points for its use. They constantly use repellents or medicines that hold mosquitoes, helping to separate these insects. In addition, if activities take place at dawn or dusk, wearing long clothing can help prevent their infection.

In addition to yellow fever; Malaria, Chikungunia, Dengue and Zika are some of the diseases caused by mosquito bites. "Depending on the climatic conditions of each site, these viruses develop, to a greater or lesser degree, so that it is vital that you are aware of the health regulations of each country before traveling and travel insurance. Symptoms of these viruses can cause hospitalization during the day, which will avoid large costs, travel assistance can be a salvation. "Confirms Ines Neves, manager of ComparaOnline Colombia.

Respiratory Diseases: Many travelers choose their destinations depending on the time of the year. There are those who enjoy the summer on exotic beaches such as Cancun, Miami or winter in Canada, the United States, France and Switzerland where snow is ideal for sports such as Snovboarding. Regardless of the season of the year, it is important for a traveler to consider diseases that weather conditions can cause.

For some people who are cold in the middle of the road may be common, however, many serious respiratory organs begin with simple cough, bumping or general defect. In this way, we must be alert to any pain or discomfort during the journey, except that we have the basic set of painkillers or first aid, there is travel assistance that, depending on coverage, can offer professional medical assistance to the tourist.

Gastrointestinal: The meal is part of the experience we have when traveling, the taste of new flavors is one of the attractions of exotic places such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, Greece, among others. The culinary customs of each place are different and special, so it is better to be cautious with the gastronomy of other places in order to avoid possible complications and discomfort.

It is important to avoid poisoning or swallowing of any bacteria, check the cooking method of the container, the ingredients it contains, and the selection of the restaurant we have entered. Hygiene places play an important role when it comes to preparing a good meal.

Cheating and overeating can also ruin an excellent trip, eat moderately and is slowly the key to enjoying every taste. Today there are several pages that guide tourists with a recommended restaurant list, which makes it easy to choose. "Without any doubt, before any situation in which tourists need medical assistance, it is advisable to first contact the contracted insurer and in this way find out the steps to be taken" Neves provides.

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