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iPhone KSR is good and bad weekly use


Diego Ojeda / @ diegoojeda95.

One camera in its main part was not a problem for this device to shine for its excellent results, however, the battery still remains below its main competitors. Here are some other impressions of this phone.

September 12 last year Apple announced the launch of new phones that will be part of his family: iPhone KSS Mak, KSS i KSR. This has been specially aroused by the expectation, as it has been announced as the most economical version for the integration of the latest advances in the brand of apples.

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Apple allowed us to test this device. During the week, we evaluated their performance to confirm their potential. These are some of the first impressions.


Design is one of the elements that stand out in this device, the appearance of which is similar to that of its predecessor iPhone Ks, a phone that happened with Apple's history as the one that in the past left the use of a button in the front to access the content. With this bet, the technology company has managed to keep pace with reducing the edge of the screen. The dimensions are 15 centimeters long, 7.5 inches thick and 8.3 millimeters thick, making it slightly larger than the last version.

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Another positive aspect, and this is the news in this phone, is the six-color pallet offered by Apple in the KSR and has presentations in white, black, coral, blue, red and yellow.

As far as performance is concerned, the behavior of this device is significant for running multiple applications at the same time without showing any kind of "lying" or blocking, which makes it a good candidate for performing functions that require a good processor. On the other hand, the navigation experience is quite intuitive, so that these movements on the screen can easily be reduced to two parts: raise slightly from the bottom to see all the windows or open your finger on the horizontal bar below to jump out of the application.

When reviewing your photographic part, The KSR differs from its brothers only with a camera on the back. This is in the middle of a context in which barges for lenses have led to finding devices on the market that contain up to four, as is the case with Galaki A9, it might mark a bad sign from the beginning, and more if you think it's only 12 megapixels.

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However, as in Pikel, smartphone of Google, it has been shown that a good photo is more than the amount of camera and the number of megapixels. An example of the above is that the KSR becomes larger lens, which makes it possible to capture more light for better in dark conditions. Similarly, the obtained photographic results show good control of the brightness and contrast, definition, image stabilization and integration of functions that are trendy as an effect.Bokeh& # 39; Can be edited in & # 39; Portrait mode & # 39; even after imaging.

Another positive aspect that draws much attention to this device is an additional step that Apple offers integration Face ID, which besides providing content and entertainment options such as & # 39; animojis & # 39; and & # 39; memojis, provides an alternative in terms of security by creating complex access codes on accounts such as social networks and e-mail only with a face scanner. That is, a person needs to enter a password once, after doing so face recognition.

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To close with the "Good" of this device, it is necessary to highlight the efforts of Apple that have invested in their Sound section, as this phone can create a very real experience in stereo sound reproduction.

Gore is achieved thanks to a different one independent speakers It is located in different parts of the phone, especially in the lower and upper part, a factor that allows it to feel like the vehicle has passed in front of a person when playing one of these videos.


It must be said, the iPhone KSR tends to warm up when it performs complex tasks. Although, as mentioned above, it is able to execute demanding tasks without any inconvenience, the feeling of a hot device in the hands appears, for example, when an application is executed GarageBand, a complex tool that allows a person to make music compositions.

Although Apple officially did not release the battery of this phone, tech blogs like Tops de Game are approaching a capacity of up to 3,000 million, which is inferior to its main competitors who already have 4,000 and 4,200 billion.

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Again, as in cameras, many times the numbers can be fooled and given a biased opinion of the capacity, i.e., although the device battery may be lower in milliampamps, this can be optimized by the internal process in the device, so that its duration can be compared to that big competitors. However, this phone does not arrive by the end of the day, something that does not happen to other phones that have also been tested in this way.

Other features of the device

The KSR screen is a 6.1-inch liquid network with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch (dpi). It also has a fast and wireless charging.
As for his processor, this phone includes Apple's latest commitment to this issue, and A12 Bionic who showed that he is acting in a remarkable way in the various tests that have been done.

The memory of this device is offered on several presentations, one of 64GB, another of 128GB and one of 256GB. As an additional fact, it's important to note that this new Apple Copy has a new feature that aims to influence the telecommunications industry, e-SIM. This feature will, for example, allow the user to have more than one operator in his phone without the need to place small plastic parts in the iPhone slot. Simply, a person will be able to purchase a data plan for a particular operator via e-commerce, and this will show the KR code that will activate it. The person must only scan for the beginning of enjoying the services.

Pre-selling of this device is in Colombia for several weeks, the price ranges between 3,299,000 and 3,999,000 dollars, depending on the capacity of its memory.

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